APPENDIX D: The Griffins of mirage

Aside from Knights, Clerics, Soldiers and Birds, White has Griffins available for theme decks. Griffins are generally 4 mana 2/2 flyers from Mirage with special abilities. They are good in combat, but play slowly (requiring some adjustments to the basic WW strategy). A Griffin theme can take advantage of the special Griffin Canyon from Visions, and white cards that interact with flyers such as Serra Aviary and Radiant Archangel.

Only Diving Griffin and Tethered Griffin cost less than 4 mana. The former is a very efficient card, but the latter is difficult to play, and will be played late despite its low casting cost.

Zuberi, Golden Feather
4W, 3/3
Rare, Creature – Legend, Mirage
Errata: Flying. All other Griffins get +1/+1. [Oracle 99/07/01]
Flavor Text: If the griffins tell of their gods, perhaps they speak of feathers bright as the Sun." --Afari, Tales
Artist: Alan Rabinowitz
Released: 10/1996

Ekundu Griffin
3W, 2/2
Common, Creature – Griffin, Mirage
Flying, First Strike
Flavor Text: My goat was a small price to pay for the chance to see the hunting griffin dive and seize it." --Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader
Artist: David A. Cherry
Released: 10/1996

Mtenda Griffin
3W, 2/2
UnCommon, Creature – Griffin, Mirage
Errata: Flying. W, Tap: Return ~this~ to its owner's hand and return target Griffin card in your graveyard to your hand. Play this ability only during your upkeep. [Oracle 99/07/01]
Flavor Text: Unlike Zhalfir, the griffin needs no council to keep harmony among its parts." --Asmira, Holy Avenger

Must have a Griffin in the graveyard to use this ability because it requires a target. [D'Angelo 96/10/15]
Artist: Janine Johnston
Released: 10/1996

Teremko Griffin
3W, 2/2
Common, Creature – Griffin, Mirage
Banding, Flying.
Flavor Text: When we're aloft, I love to lean over the Weatherlight's railing and watch the patterns the griffins' shadows make on the clouds below." --Sisay, Captain of the Weatherlight
Artist: Martin McKenna
Released: 10/1996

Unyaro Griffin
3W, 2/2
UnCommon, Creature – Griffin, Mirage
Flying. Sacrifice Unyaro Griffin: Counter target red spell that assigns damage to you or a creature you control. Play this ability as an interrupt.
Flavor Text: The griffin's shadow gives courage to the righteous and dread to the idle.

Note - In Mirage this could only counter a red spell that was going to assign damage to you or a creature you control.
Artist: Al Davidson
Released: 10/1996

Daraja Griffin
3W, 2/2
UnCommon, Creature – Griffin, Visions
Flying. Sacrifice Daraja Griffin: Destroy target black creature.
Flavor Text: "And the flamingos said, 'Get out of our nest - we can't be seen with the likes of you!' So, the griffin ate them." - Azeworai, "The Ugly Bird
Artist: Stuart Griffin
Released: 2/1997

Mistmoon Griffin
3W, 2/2
UnCommon, Creature – Griffin, Weatherlight
Errata: Flying. When ~this~ is put into any graveyard from play, remove ~this~ from the game, then put the top creature card from your graveyard into play. [Oracle 99/07/01]

You still put the top creature card from your graveyard into play even if this card is not in your graveyard when the triggered ability resolves. [Aahz 97/06/13]
The player who controls the Griffin when it goes to the graveyard gets to bring a creature into play. It does not matter who owns the Griffin. [bethmo 97/08/18]
Artist: David A. Cherry
Released: 6/1997

Tethered Griffin
W, 2/3
Rare, Creature – Griffin, Urza's Destiny
Flying. When you control no enchantments, sacrifice Tethered Griffin.
Flavor Text: Poorly trained griffins sometimes attack the noble audiences that gather to watch their progress.

Only checks if you control no enchantments at the time it triggers. It does not check again on resolution. So gaining control of an enchantment before then will not save the Griffin. [D'Angelo 99/06/01]
The ability will trigger if you don't control an enchantment, even for a brief moment during the resolution of another spell or ability. [Urza's Destiny FAQ 99/05/25]
Note - Also see state-based triggered abilities, Rule A.4.16 and Rule A.4.17. [D'Angelo 99/08/04]
Artist: Matthew Wilson
Released: 6/1999

Charmed Griffin
3W, 3/3
UnCommon, Creature – Griffin, Mercadian Masques
Flying When Charmed Griffin comes into play, each other player may put an artifact or enchantment card into play from his or her hand.
Flavor Text: Are you sure you can afford such a luxury?.
Artist: Ray Lago
Released: 10/1999

Diving Griffin
1WW, 2/2
Common, Creature – Griffin, Prophecy
Flying; Attacking does not tap Diving Griffin.
Artist: John Howe

Razorfoot Griffin
3W, 2/2
Common, Creature – Griffin, Invasion
Flying, first strike
Artist: Ben Thompson