LAND DESTRUCTION by Jericho July 17, 2000

Beyond Dominia: Type One Primers: LAND DESTRUCTION by Jericho

In a LD deck it's important to balance your spells out. For example, you will more than likely want at least 20 LD spells. Because most decks play with at least 20 land in them. Now, let's look at some different decent LD cards for certain colors:




You need fast mana in a LD deck. You have to be able to produce mana very quickly so you can start blowing up land as soon as possible. Now I'll list the different choices for fast mana.

Creatures are important in an LD deck because you need a way to defeat your opponent. And if the have no land out, then it makes it harder for them to kill the creatures or summon creatures to block them.

Of course there are other creatures you could use, but these are the ones that really got my attention for when I began making this.

Sometimes, you just need some special types of spells to make your job easier.

There are a lot more spells I could throw in here, but I feel these are some of the best ones for an LD deck. You can always add some more and let me know if I overlooked any. I'm sure I have. And last, but certainly not least. The lands: