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Goss Ley Druid (Goss Nuzzo-Jones)
Job: Co-Executive Maintainer of Beyond Dominia
Played Magic: August 1995 - January 2000
Mills: All and none.

I came to Beyond Dominia looking for intelligent Magic commentary, and a place to voice my own opinions. Though I've fallen behind the scenes as maintainer in recent months, I retain my commitment to Beyond Dominia, and the freedom it brings to gamers and storytellers all over the globe.


Seth Johnson ('Shadow') Shadow (Seth Johnson)
Job: Co-Executive Maintainer of Beyond Dominia
Played Magic: From Revised to Urza's Destiny, whenever that is.
Mills: I'm the RPM moderator, whatever that means, but I keep tabs on all of 'em.

Goss and I are friends. Many years ago, we tried to start a free m:tg newsletter for our small community. It was called " The Crusade." We printed about four issues, but had to quit because we couldn't afford the postage.

A little while later, I suggested we turn the newsletter into a website, which would get around the postage problem. I made the initial, lousy, design for the site, after which Goss took over the webdesign department. That version, several other , lousy ones, and a few good ones were posted and updated on some more or less free webspace. Our readership grew. We started to get some recognition. We borrowed a name server, then got one of our own (, presently a Beyond Dominia mirror of sorts).

I had happened upon this website sometime between late 1997 and early 1998. I didn't really get drawn in until Serra explained to me what the War Mill was. I very quickly got very involved with that and have been almost ever since. When In nate got a real life and couldn't maintain BD anymore, we merged with it. Now you know why I'm here. But did you really want to?

If you have any problems with the site, or suggestions, submissions, etc. send them to me. My e-mail is d***a@o*** and is pasted all over this website, in case you forget.


Toaster Toaster (Name withheld to protect innocent bystanders)
Job: The Rumor Guru
Played Magic: May 1998-present
Mills: Rumor mostly, although also strategy, rules, and T2 deck mill.

The humor section was what brought me here. (no, really) I think I started posting around September 1998. I've maintained the Rumor Mill since Innate Mak left.


Serra Serra (Jeff Kaufman)
Job: Master Rules Guru
Played magic: Dec 1993-present
Mills: Rules and occasionally Rumor when Mr. Toast slacks off

I stumbled upon Bdominia on the day the chat room was first opened (according to Cup)...enjoyed the chatting and the War Mill and a bit of trading...I was always interested in the rules so when Innate started mentioning a rules mill, I kept pester ing him until it was up and then he gave me the maintainer job. I have made it to a few prereleases in Denver, met Elrohir and Livonya there. My favorite color is...can you guess? White.


Chargrilled Chargrilled (Vincent Page)
Job: Trading mills Moderator
Played magic: 1999???
Mills: Trading mills, Deck mills and rules mill

I went on the net to look around for a nice Magic site, and i found this place. I became moderator of the trading mills when people noticed it didn't have i filled the spot.

Oh yeah, before I forget, White rules.


Chargrilled K-Run (Raphaël Caron)
Job: Type One Mill Moderator
Title: The Pegasus Hero
Played since: Revised
Mills: Type One

I come from a very small town in the Province of Quebec (Canada) called Saint-Clément (550 hab.). I've always preferred Type 1 over anything else.

Almost every month, "Team Clément" (Zazel, MigHells, Ti-Bonhomme, LucUTF and yours truly) drives to Quebec City, where Type 1 tournaments are held in the card shop "Cartes Timbres et Monnaies Ste-Foy" (CTM). Our team members are always making top 8 appearances, if not winning the whole thing.

I've always tried to be a creative deck builder and to make my somewhat casual decks competitive versus type one's finests. I hate mainstream decks and refuse to play what is considered the current best deck. Also, playing with cards I consider too powerful (read : blue) makes me feel guilty. I plegded allegiance to the Rogue school of thought. Also, I'm known for playing a lot of basic lands.

I've first heard of BD when Rakso posted an article on The Dojo, stating that the Type 1 decks of the invitational sucked. This has been a revelation to me, because I thought there was no good T1 site on the net. Since then, I come to Beyond Dominia almost every day.

I've been known on this site mainly because of my pet deck, Deck Parfait, which really became popular after I made the finals of the first Type One Tournament Of Champions (T1TOC), losing to mikephoen.

I accepted to help Rakso moderate the Type 1 Mill to give back to the community what I've got here for so long : a cool place to talk about serious Type 1 strategy.


Rakso (Oscar Tan)
Job: Almighty lord of the Type One Mills with the twitchy deletion finger
Titles: Patriarch of the Type One Clan and Rules Ayatollah of the Rules Mill
Mills: Type One, Casual and Beginner, 1.5/1.X, and Limited
Played since: Revised
Birthday: August 19, 1979

Rakso is a member of batch 2001 of the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, double-majoring in Management Engineering and Economics Honors. The epitome of the casual Type I player, he finds tournaments too long and dragging and instead delights in meeting newcomers to the university cafeteria with his trademark Black Shield in blue Toploader sleeves.

Seeking a place to mentally unwind every so often, Rakso came to the Type One Mill a couple of years back and inherited the maintainership from Jacob Montanez aka Elrohir, and Rakso claims the dubious distinction of being the first to kiss up in case Elrohir actually makes Admiral in the US Navy.

After a few calls for what have become the Type One Mill Primers (once featured on Meridian Magic) and numerous off-topic joke posts which often end in, "Um... yeah, Magic... Ancestral Recall is cool.", Rakso is proud to have expanded the Type One Mills into cozy virtual hangouts with a genuine sense of community and belonging while being the only remaining fora for intelligent Type One discussion in the world.

Coming from a small country in Southeast Asia, Rakso has fun trading culture-laced antics in with international audience. With the Philippine peso's lousy exchange rate with the US Dollar, for example, Rakso enjoys making people drool by quoting the prices he gets cards for in dollars. On the other hand, he has trouble following jokes based on TV shows aired in the USA and coming from Asia's foremost Catholic country, has the shortest temper with regards to offensive posting on his turf. (He loathes sloppily formatted decklists and posts in all caps, too.)

Adherents of the Type One Clan can be distinguished by the posts with the secondary names in parentheses, the marks of authenticity otherwise held only by Mill maintainers.


Umiak Umiak Boyd (Isaac Boyd)
Job: Staff Jester, Boat Builder, and Maintenence of the Joke Page.
Played Magic: From "Fallen Empires" to now.
Mills: Jokes Section

I first found the Magic Joke Collection back when it was run by the CWRU Magic Club. Back then I thought it was the funniest thing around. I was on what my friends called "card crack". I was addicted to any card game. When I finally figured out that the Joke Collection was no longer being updated, I started searching for a way to do so. Finally, I got a job here, maintaining the site as it is now.
Words of Advice: Don't forget to eat your Wheaties


(Matti Nuortio)
Job: The T2 Maintainer Bastard
Started playing Feb 1996, still playing enthusiastically
Mills: T2 Mill

My first experiments with BD were early summer 1997. I became a regular in the late summer of 1998. Most of the time I've haunted only the T2 Mill as it's my main interest. I became the T2 maintainer in the fall of 1999.

I am wont to show no respect for people deviating their language or being stupid in general. Confusing 'you're' and 'your' is a mistake a person really just can't make. Really.



Extra thanks to BD's previous owner, Innate Mak, for starting this wonderful site!

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