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Help: Getting Started, Formatting, and Troubleshooting

Welcome to Beyond Dominia! This document contains instructions on getting started, formatting your messages, and troubleshooting. If you experience any difficulties with the board, contact one of the moderators listed under the Contact link from the Main Menu.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Formatting
  3. Troubleshooting

Getting Started

Reading Discussions

Anyone with WWW access can read discussions on this board. To read discussions, navigate to the discussion of interest by single clicking on the links from the list of topics and subtopics. You can navigate backwards using the navigation bars at the top of each page.

Contributing to Discussions

To post a message to an existing discussion, fill in the "Add a Message" box at the bottom of the page. You may use formatting codes or basic HTML tags to improve the appearance of your post. A user account is NEVER required to post. Getting user accounts is discouraged, but if you feel the strange desire to have one, take it up with the moderator of the board on which you would like the account.

Where available, you may click on a "Create New Conversation" button to start a new discussion. This will add a subtopic with the subject you specify and start a conversation with the initial message that you specify. After filling in the subject line, post a message as described above.

Searching the Board

This discussion board can be searched by matching text (Keyword Search). There is a mechanism for searching by time of post, but it is currently disabled. The Last Day and Last Week options on the Main Menu are equivalent to searching for messages posted within the last day and messages posted within the last seven days, respectively.

To search the board by keywords, click the Keyword Search link from the Main Menu. You can then specify the words that will be used in the search. Additional instructions for using the Keyword Search option are displayed on the search screen itself.

When you have performed the search, click on any of the links to the pages to view the page, or click on a link in the result to go to the post where that text occurs.

Getting an Account

Due to among other things, several disabled or unavailable features, getting user accounts is very superfluous. You gain only the ability to have your e-mail automatically attached to each of your posts, and some limited defense againsts imps (impersonators). If you have a problem with imps, tell a moderator and let the moderator suggest a solution, be it user accounts or something else.

If it is your lifelong desire to get a user account, e-mail the maintainer(s) of the mill(s) in which you are interested in having an account. Be sure to list your e-mail address, desired username, desired password, and your full name, if you so desire. NOTE: Under no circumstances will user accounts be given for the Role Playing Mill. Don't ask why, it's one of Shadow's things.

Where to get further information

For additional information on using this system, read the Formatting section and the Troubleshooting section, which are included in this document. If you have additional questions or concerns, post them to an appropriate area on the discussion forum, or contact one of the moderators or the board administrator from the Contact page.

Rules and "Netiquette"

When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. It's fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike, and that's where the fun is! Also, note that messages express the thoughts of the writers, not the board or its moderators. What is acceptable on each individual board is up to the discretion of its moderator.

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Formatting your messages

A powerful formatting language developed specifically for this application allows you to format your posts without knowledge of HTML. This formatting language is easy for both HTML users and non-HTML users to learn quickly. There are examples after each major section.


  • Introduction to Formatting
  • Text Formatting
  • Special Characters
  • Other Formatting
  • Frequently Made Mistakes

  • Introduction to Formatting

    Text Formatting

    Special Characters

    Other Formatting

    Frequently Made Mistakes

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    The following section contains a list of previously experienced problems and what you can do to solve them.


    My post does not show up

    If you use the browser's back button several times after posting a message, you are lookingat the page as it was before you posted the message. Clicking links from the Navigation Bar avoids this problem.

    If you still have a problem, then your browser is pulling the document out of its cache insteadof reloading the document, and it keeps displaying the old version of the document. To avoid this, set your browser to verify documents every time upon loading as follows:

    Alternatively, try reloading the frame or refreshing the frame using your browser's command. Note that this is different from reloading the document (see the next problem).

    When I click the "Reload" button, I go to the top page

    This is because the browser reloads the entire document (the one shown in the "Location" line) when the reload button is clicked. This document contains the code that sets up the frames -- and hence it reloads the top page into the frame on the right side. If you want to reload only the frame, use the "Refresh" command (in Netscape, access the browser's View menu and select "Reload Frame"; in Internet Explorer, right-click in the frame and select "Refresh").

    My formatting tags don't work

    It is likely that you have made one of the following common mistakes:

    Text entry boxes reset when I resize windows

    This appears to be a feature (or a bug) with some browser programs. The solution is not to resize windows when you are filling in a text box.

    Text entry boxes reset when I use the back button

    This appears to be a feature (or a bug) with Internet Explorer. Most screens in the user interface preserve the user's input even if an error occurs. In general, you do not need to use the back button when you are presented with a form to correct your mistake.

    Text entry boxes don't fit entirely on screen

    Unfortunately, text entry boxes cannot be resized within the document to fit on your screen. One option is to drag to the left the border between the main menu and the page containing the text box. Alternatively, you could increase your desktop size to 800x600 or higher.Warning: If you resize the frame, all text contained within the text box will be lostand must be re-entered.

    Some links present "not found" messages

    Moderators can set up links that appear as subtopics but really link to a page that is outside of the discussion board. Likewise, anyone posting a message can include links. If links are entered incorrectly or change, you will get an error message. If you get an error message, contact the moderator (be sure to specify where the bad link was). The moderator can then fix or remove the bad link.

    Images are not displayed properly

    Because the discussion board supports image upload and clipart, images are permitted on pages. If your browser has automatic loading of images turned off, you will see boxes where images are supposed to be displayed.To load the images, turn automatic image loading on, or click the "Load Images" button on the Netscape toolbar. In Internet Explorer, image loading is controlled with the options, accessible from the "View" menu under "Options..."

    If images still fail to load properly, contact a board moderator.

    Colors are displayed strangely on the screen

    If your screen is configured to display only 16 colors, the color scheme may appear strange. Increase your setting to 256 colors or 16.8 million colors if this is possible.

    Some strange characters appear

    Depending on your browser and operating system, some special characters andformatting will not be displayed correctly. This is especially noticable withbrowsers below Netscape Navigator 3.0 and below Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Some fonts are specific to the Windows operating system and will not be displayed correctly on other platforms.

    Text entry boxes don't show up correctly

    Netscape Communicator 4 appears to have a bug that prevents text entry boxes from showing upcorrectly in some cases. If you click the mouse under the "Add a Message" line, where you think the text entry box would normally be, you get a cursor. Otherwise, try using the NavBar to go back one page and then return to the page on which the text entry box does not show up.
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