Beyond Dominia Contacts

Beyond Dominia: Beyond Dominia Contacts

Goss Nuzzo-Jones
Goss primarily handles scripting, graphics, design, and financial affairs.
Seth Johnson (Shadow)
Seth primarily handles general maintenance and administrative affairs; he also moderates the Role Playing Mill. It should be noted that Seth and Goss stay in very close contact, so if you talk to one of them your message will probably reach the other as well. If you're not sure who to talk to, talk to one of them. Seth also moderates the Rumor Mill and the Fiction Mill.

Michael Huggins (Westwycke)
Westwycke moderates the Rules Mill and serves as one of the Bdominia Rules Gurus.
Eldain moderates the Type II Magic Mill.
Oscar Tan (Rakso)
Oscar moderates the Type I Magic Mill, the Type 1.X Magic Mill, the Casual Magic Mill, and the Limited Mill. Oscar is also the person to talk to if you want a user account.
Raphael Caron (K-Run)
Raphael (who is not, in fact, a ninja turtle) is Rakso's EST counterpart for the t1 mill, which gets such a magnificent volume of posts that it requires two mods.
Toaster is in meta-retirement, but he sometimes moderates the Rumor Mill, and he is the coolest member of the BD staff.
Vincent Page (Chargrilled)
Vincent moderates the Trading Mills.
Isaac Boyd (Umiak)
Isaac runs the humor section (at least, when its admin script is working properly, he does). You can send him your jokes-which-are-not-as-funny-as-mine.