Ichorid- even possible?

Beyond Dominia: The Type Two Magic Mill: Ichorid- even possible?

By James R on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 07:32 pm:

well, after reviewing the spoiler, i am quite impressed with ichorid. i was contemplating a deck using the aforementioned card, and braids; as well as other black weenies that can fuel both of those cards. what do you all think?

By Ryan Leek on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 07:57 pm:

I think the card is some good. Right now I'm trying to get as many as I can before any one thinks that they'll be hot. I think they will be.

By CrAzY (Crazy) on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 08:41 pm:

I think you would have to splash red for removal, to keep their side clear of creatures that they would sack to Braids. I also think that creatures that sack themselves would be good, like Blood Pet and Crypt Keeper, to feed the Hungry Ichorid.

Perhaps Entomb could find a place and maybe Buried Alive.

I also REALLY like sickening dreams...but I am not usre if it would have a place here.



By Intrepid911 (Intrepid) on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 08:57 pm:

i'm running a black aggro deck with lots of removal, weenies, and most of all, ichorid. I find braids isn't really necessary, and black provides enough removal. Entomb is card disadvantage, it equals out with ichorid, but is still not a great card. Sickening dreams kills all your weenies, and is only good if you have an ichorid or three in hand.
22 Swamp
4 Diabolic Intent
3 Ghastly Demise
4 Blood Pet
4 Crypt Creeper
3 Chainer's Edict
3 Phyrexian Arena
4 Buried Alive
4 Nantuko Shade
4 Ichorid
4 Duress
1 Mutilate
SB: 4 Addle
SB: 2 Innocent Blood
SB: 2 Cremate
SB: 2 Execute
SB: 4 Slay
SB: 1 Chainer's Edict

By hippie on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 09:00 pm:

i have been messing with a G/B Deed deck to see ichorid in action. before, using birds and elves was the best way to speed things up but blowing a deed meant wasting your fast mana. well, now those wasted cards are food for ichorid. still working on it but here is the current test version...

4 duress
4 birds of paradise
4 llanowar elves
4 wild mongrel
4 call of the herd
3 spellbane centaur
3 pernicious deed
3 ichorid
3 mindslicer
3 braids, cabal minion
2 spiritmonger

4 llanowar wastes
11 forest
8 swamp

very simple in design, but the real purpose of the deck is to see what ichorid can do. if they try to counter/burn it, they are seriously wasting their time and cards, but if they have a bunch of bounce he is just a small skizzik (hence the maindeck centaurs).
overall, ichorid is very good (pray that you get one in sealed) but finding the best deck for him might be a job suited to a better deck builder than myself.

By Doppelganger on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 10:43 pm:

@hippie: Well, they're not food unless they're black creatures dude.

I don't know about Ichorid... perahps running green for Deeds and perhaps Spiritmonger so you don't stall out with Ichorid. The biggest problem with Ichorid is that his cost to bring him back can only be paid so many times, and each creature removed has to be black. He's sub-par in limited (I played against one and didn't have much trouble against it), and not very useful in constructed. I'd replace him in B/R with Urza's Rage, Flametongue Kavu, Fiery Temper, Violent Eruption, etc. In straight black I'd replace him with Carrion Wurm, a utility creature, extra removal, etc. He's just not reliable enough (in my opinion). Reborn Hero, however...

By Raeth on Friday, February 01, 2002 - 02:40 pm:

Another problem with Ichorid is that he is so easily chumped. A Netherhaupsy R/B deck with some combination of Devastating Dreams, Obliterate, and Wildfire might be interesting, though.

By hippie on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 07:42 am:

well then. goes to show that you need to read the cards a bit better first. i don't know how i missed that the creature had to be black. that makes my stock in this card drop a lot.

thanks for helping out doppleganger...

By Dune Echo on Saturday, February 16, 2002 - 10:29 pm:

The problem with Ichorid is that everyone presumes you have to have numerous weenies to power it. You don't!

Ichorid is enough of a threat as long as you get your opponent within the 3-6 damage range and they must defend against it because it is mainly uncounterable. If you back up Ichorid with solid beatdown, it becomes a proper component of working deck.

Let me show you my Ichorid deck:
// Black (20):
4 Blood Pet
3 Chainer's Edict
1 Diabolic Intent
3 Duress
4 Ichorid
2 Phyrexian Arena
4 Putrid Imp
2 Zombie Infestation
// Green (14):
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Basking Rootwalla
2 Roar of the Wurm
4 Wild Mongrel
// Lands (23):
2 Darigaaz's Caldera
2 Forest
4 Karplusan Forest
4 Llanowar Wastes
1 Mountain
10 Swamp

Basically, Ichorid is not my prime focus, but a strategic inclusion. I've recently even cut the mainboard removal entirely and tried out Llanowar Dead and Ebony Treefolk to give myself more cards to recur the Ichorid with. The only parts that I would consider really altering in my design is the 3 Chainer's Edict. These three slots allow for Flametongue Kavu, Terminate, Fiery Temper (not as good as you think), or any other black creature or removal that strikes your fancy. My mana base represents the red in my sideboard.

By craig on Saturday, February 16, 2002 - 10:34 pm:

why not make a red black deck with lots of little black weenies and some rages and whatnot. if the game takes a bad turn or control locks you down, bust out an obliterate and keep removing the dead black creatures and popping out your ichorid. i was thinking of making this deck. it would was control, bust out a rages and then a late game obliterate to wipe the board and then remove your worthless black creatures for the ichorod. it works good cause if your opponent cheeses or counters your black creatures, they are going to get hit for 3 for each one the get rid of.

By Dune Echo on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 08:45 pm:


The biggest problem with Ichorid is that his cost to bring him back can only be paid so many times, and each creature removed has to be black. He's sub-par in limited (I played against one and didn't have much trouble against it), and not very useful in constructed.

I cannot stress enough that as long as Ichorid attacks 2-3 times for free, it more than serves it's purpose as long as Ichorid is backed up by strong beatdown or some other sort of heavy damage/creature removal. This creature is a godsend for fast creature beatdown. Actually, don't even consider Ichorid a creature, consider it a Chainer's Edict sorts and you will understand the niche Ichorid fits in. The best card comparison of Ichorid is Viashino Sandstalker. You never counted on Sandstalker doing all the damage because it was inherently fragile, much like Ichorid. However, in the right metagame and right deck, it will help your deck go all the way.

The deck I play right now just rolls over Tings and does quite well against anything except aggro control. Against Psychatog, I don't care if they counter or bounce because I will be able to get enough through, that my uncounterable Ichorid will win me the game. Before anyone says anything to the fact that my design doesn't roll everything, remember, no deck beats everything.

There is a problem with Ichorid/Obliterate ("Ichorate"), in that you have to do whatever you can to speed up the game for yourself to blow up the world. On top of that, you have to work in as many black creatures as possible to get Ichorid into play again and again because it's your win condition. It leaves very little in the way of flexibility.

By James R on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 09:03 pm:

heres something ill try out:

4 ichorid
4 blood pet
4 phyrexian rager
4 ravenous rats
4 braids, cabal minion
4 pernicious deed
4 duress
4 chainers edict
2 phyrexian arena
2 spirit monger
24 assorted lands

what do ya'll think?

By tom on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 10:22 pm:

the answer to ur question is no

By Dune Echo on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 12:05 pm:

James, I like that deck idea. It has enough fat and a good quality of threats. The creature removal will come in very useful too.

By Herremann on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 07:22 pm:

I agree with previous statements that Ichorid is fairly weak if it is the focus of the deck. Ichorid is best when played as an annoying little pest that takes little chunks out of the opposition at strategic moments. The following deck was an idea I had using Ichorid with Mortivore. While at first this may seem negative synergy, it in fact works very well.

4 Blood Pet
4 Nightscape Familiar
4 Nantuko Shade
4 Ichorid
4 Mortivore
2 Faceless Butcher
2 Laquatus's Champion

3 Last Laugh
3 Do or Die
3 Chainer's Edict
3 Duress
3 Skeletal Scrying

18 Swamp
3 Cabal Coffers

The kill card here is Last Laugh but the benefit is all the regenerating creatures can stay on the board. Mortivore gets absolutely pumped by this and everyone takes massive damage. The trick is to get that last chunk of damage in against them before you go over the cliff as well.
Any thoughts on this?

By Joe on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 12:48 am:

No one has really seen the combo:

Ichorid/Buried Alive!!!

Turn 2 Buried Alive for two Blood Pet and one
Ichorid or something.


By mikey on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 01:39 am:

I kinda like obliterid, the B/R obliterate/ichorid deck. It runs obliterate and ichorid to clear the board, several black weenies with useful abilities, the nastiest of which being facless butcher, used to remove their own creatures, so that when obliterate goes off, they have additional beats to the ichorid.

By Raymond on Monday, March 04, 2002 - 11:43 pm:

If you want to use Ichorid, make sure it doesn't get countered. Here's my killer combo.

Turn 1 : swamp, blood pet, sac blood pet, entomb ichorid
Turn 2 : Swamp, return ichorid, cabal ritual, buried alive ichorid + 2 blood pets. Attack.
Turn 3 : Attack for overall 9 dmg. Buried alive again or something. (chainer's edict, innocent blood his creatures)

By op!um on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 - 06:51 am:

i personally think that ichorid is a good card. but it cannot be the main theme of a dck. cause there are many ways to remove ichorid from the game like:

scorching lava
... (zombie- 1B sacrifice ... remove thaget card in the graveyard from the game. 2/1)

so i agree with herreman. ichorid cannot be the main focus of the deck

By Drizzt on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 - 11:08 am:

Ichorid is a control players nightmare. It's a card that just won't go away. It obviously is best in a deck with a bunch of black weenies to fuel the late game Ichorid. I'm currently running a B/g version similar to what James R. listed and the Ichorid is soooo good. I don't think that Ichorid itself should be the focus of a deck (it's not that good) but it is a vital component to a black weenie deck.

The one card I'm seeing missing from all these decks is Mesmeric Fiend. This card is so underrated in constructed. It often steals a spell that your opponent would be able to use to neutralize your other threats. I have started to crush G/R with my B/g deck because the Shades are better when the FtK/Urza's Rage/etc. that your opponent would have used to kill the Shade are sitting in the removed from the game pile. Try it and you'll agree.

By god of death on Wednesday, March 13, 2002 - 02:16 pm:

ichorid is an amzing sideborad and gathering from what ive read from above i also 2 agree that ichorid cant be the main focus of deck but it is a good back up creature that is annoying and gets damage and works well with deed im considering using it in a g/w/b deck as more quick damage and no it dosnt compare 2 skizzik in ne way shape or form skizzik is one of the most broken cards in invasion or maybe even type 2

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