foiled hunt

Beyond Dominia: Somnium: foiled hunt

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Monday, July 16, 2001 - 12:11 pm:

ooc: whats the date i somnium?
ooc2: this is fereno(had to use the name) no relation from fereno the old RPM. hes human, and as you will find out from this, probably hates elves...:) darzim's first story will be up shortly.

fereno crept slowly towards the beautiful creature. a nice specimen of a deer, with an enourmous rack. he stole a glance at the wolf that had been following him. how long had it been since he had escaped? He was born in the mountain of the forest in one of the more prominent tribes. a coalition of sorts consisting mainely of elves raided the tribe and captured him when he was still young, 5 at most. when he turned 13, fereno decided it was time to escape and from then on traveled across somnium. and now he had wound up back in the forest, with some wolf that wouldnt leave him alone. he would be 19 in 3 days, and he had to celebrate his birthday with a wolf. fereno was disgusted with the thought

something startled the deer, and it ran proudly into the forest.

damn, there goes dinner

fereno looked back and noticed the wolf was gone. he looked around....had the beast finally left him?

from the right, he heard something crunching leaves. the wolf emerged with a large rabbit in its mouth.

well at least one of us gets to eat

the wolf sighed, and dropped the rabbit on fereno's feet.

for me?

the wolf siged at him...

well, i guess you arent THAT bad....

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