The Lich's Torment

Beyond Dominia: The Fiction Mill: The Lich's Torment

By Skelly on Monday, July 16, 2001 - 01:09 pm:

Pale fingers slowly tap the glimmering obsidian his throne his made of. He looked around the rotted bodies lying around him. "Looks like a little boys room when he forgets the clean up." he said softly. Then the memories came.

"Hi Mummy!" screamed young Heid as the ran through Lotus fields.
"I just helped Franz plant a new Lotus! It's really preety." he continued as his frolic through fields came closer to an end.
He jumped into his mom's arm as she held him and rubbed his hair.

"That's wonderful, Did Franz let you have petal?" she pointed to a petal in his hand as she spoke.

Heid nodded and gave it to his mom.

The scene changed dramticly in Democus's mind. Screams, torment, fire filled his being. He remebered the day the Rag Man took him away.

He forced the memories down though as 4 "guests" entered his chamber. 4 of his lowly Officers had returned from a night-time raid at the Lotus Citadel. Not really a raid...more of a grab Lotuses and run for dear life.

"Report, my children." Democuses's raspy voice beckoned.

"No one knew, the darkness we created to thick for anyone to relise. The fake Lotuses we planted should throw them off for a while." the lead one Gurli reported in a slightly quivering voice.

"Fear....I see, I hear, I breath in your fear. What is it you Fear?" Democuses's breath chopped the sentance up and it sounded even more arcane and confusing than normal.

"Uhh...mmmm" he thought for an answer.

"I don't need this!" He raised 4 bodies standing around Gurli, they brough him down and added him to the pile of those who displeased the Lich.

"Well, give me the Lotuses, and BE GONE!" Democuses yelled as he sunk deeper into his depression and his memories clouded his mind.

By Skelly on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 09:30 pm:

His thoughts reclouded the recall the day Rag Man came.

"Hi mummy, watcha cookin?" Heid said giggling as he smelt the yummy food.

"Oh nothing big. Just some fruit pie and bread." his mom said showing him the pie crust filled with all sorts of sticky mushed fruit.

*Bzzz* *Bzzzz* *Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

"What was that?" Heid asked a bit frightned

"Oh probally just some bees buzzing around." his mom reassured in a sing-song voice.

"Yes, just Rock a Bye Baby." a deep voice called from the shadows.

"Who....wh...o....My Daddy is gonna beat you up!" Heid said franticly as he scrambled away.

He stepped out of the shadows, covered in a mummy like wrapping moldy and tattered with age. He wore a black ribbon around his head which allowed his 2 shining yellow eyes to show through. The stench of sulfur and the smell of fresh kill filled the air.

His hair was ragged and brown. Covered in dirt and grime it was crawling with flies and other horrid little gnats. His skin showed through the rags in some places. The skin was covered in sores. Oozing puss that had colored his skin yellowish green.

"Oh you mean this guy?" the voice mocked as he kicked an armored head across the ground to the mom's feet.

The mom looked down and knelt to the head.

""*Sob* *Sob* her chest heaved in an out.

Her sadness was short lived as soon little bat wings sprouted from the head. The head lifted off the very ground. It's teeth grew long and yellow. Than the skin turned red and leathery. In matter of moments. The head of Gary had been transformed into a flying red-head with bat-wings.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!!" Screamed the mother as she recoiled from the beast.

"Heh...come here little boy. This is what I want." his voice was deep and hypnotic.

His hand grabbed the boy by the chin and ripped him off the ground.

"He belongs to me....come my child." with a swoosh of his cape and swarm of flies he was gone as fast as he came.

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