happy birthday?

Beyond Dominia: The Fiction Mill: happy birthday?

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 02:03 pm:

ooc: this is 3 days somnium time since the wolf caught a rabbit

fereno awoke to see the wolf laying at his side.

i guess them rabbits finally wised up to you, eh. well, lets see if i can find some breakfast

nonsense, theres 2 rabbits on the other side of me

fereno jerked his head towards the wolf.

did you just....talk?

yes, well actually-

fereno had grabbed his sword and had it at the wolves throat

wait a minute....what did i do? you better put that away

why should i?

cause killing me would kill you

fereno eased back a litle bit

how so?

put that thing away and ill tell you

fereno slowly laid his sword on the ground, then sat down.

ok, thats better.

the wolf laid down beside him.

now where was-

first tell me how your talking, and what your name is.

my name is marroth, and im not really talking, im speaking with my mind. all animals can do it, but few know how

ok marroth, now tell me why killing you would kill me

our spirits are connected. the mana of this world has caused our spirits to bond. when i die, so do you, and vice versa.

do we feel each others pain and all that crap too

thank the power we dont. but we are, in a sense immortal. niether one of us will die of old age, and our bodies will stop aging sometime soon.

so your telling me that i cant die?

no, you can, but no from being old. but a sword will kill you just as easily as it would kill anyone else

fereno started talking to himself.

what the hell am i doing, im talking to an animal...

theres another thing that you should probably know

what now?

you can manipulate mana. especially red and green mana

so i can do magic?

yes, but not very well. by the time we turn-


yes, we was born on the same day. same hour. down to the same second. thats why our spirits bonded so easily.

fereno stood there amazed

now, as i was saying-

we dont have the same parents, do we?

heavens no....thats just disgusting. now if you'll shut up for a minute, ill tell what exactly you can an cant do with mana.

ok, ill be quiet

your pretty much limited to using mana for spells that have to do with nature, weather, and fire. well, they pretty much all fall under nature.

fereno chuckled, weather?

why yes, have you ever seen a tornado or a lightning bolt? very powerful forces. oh yes, you can use lightning bolts anytime, but calling one down from a storm is much more powerful then anything that can come from you fingertips

so how do cast these spells?

ill show you how later, but right now you need to cook them rabbits

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