In a strange turn of events....

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By Thaylin on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 10:26 pm:

Thaylin was writhing in front of this brooding figure. He would have completely collapsed if it were not for his hands being suspended. They were eerily glowing, if you could even call it that, an odd blackish hue, like they sometimes did when he was unsettled or excited. There was some kind of commotion and clamor going on behind him, but he could not turn around to see what it was. The only thought on his mind was ripping the man in front of him's guts out through his throat.

Thaylin suddenly noticed that it was silent, the clamor was gone. Either this, or he had gone deaf. He snapped himself out of his little introspective just long enough to see that the fiend in front of him was smiling. The cloaked man picked up Thaylin's sword from the ground beside him, and swang the hilt at him.....


Thaylin rolled over and looked up at the sky. He reached his hands out of in front of him and inspected them; nothing was out of the ordinary. He then felt a great large bump at the base of his skull. It was at that moment that Thaylin decided not to sleep in trees any longer, since he always fell out of them. Thaylin picked himself p and brushed himself off.

He had had that dream ever since he was a boy. It never went any further thatn the cloaked man hitting him with the sword. Which he somehow knew was his, although he didn't own one, and had never been allowed to use them as a young man, because mother said he was "Addled", whatever that meant. But mother had said a lot of things that angered Thaylin. His hands began to do that eerie thing again. Just then a bush started rustling. Not being of a very curious or inquisitive nature, Thaylin turned around and headed off on his way.

After a few hours, Thaylin came across a group of traveling nuns. They looked like the Virgins of Langdon. They were all so very pretty. As they passed, the nuns stared at Thaylin and giggled, because his garb was tattered and torn. And although he was very impressively and powerfully built, it was still a funny sight. One of them laughed and pointed at some of the silly tattoos on the various parts of his anatomy, while another nearly gagged as she noticed the growth in Thaylin's pants. He blushed and hurried past.

Thaylin then looked over the various markings on his body. He got even more embarrassed. He trusted people too easily. They often took advantage of him, or made him do stupid things; although those events mostly occurred in a drunken state, he still loved to drink. Thaylin then decided to stop drinking as much.

It was starting to get dark again. Thaylin decided to start looking for a tree to climb.

Morning came again, and again he found himself on the ground. Thaylin once again decided to not sleep in trees again. But he wouldn't have to worry about that much longer, He was only a short distance from the city now. He would surely find work there. And more importantly, a place to stay. He always fancied himself a woodsmith. Maybe he could make children's toys. A smile came to Thaylin's face. He like children. Thaylin usually stared at his feet while walking, to avoid any missteps. But today, the sky was so beautiful. He stared straight up into the reddish purple morning sky. He promptly tripped over an errant branch in th road. Thaylin started screaming; he was infuriated. He jumped up, grabbed the limb, and splintered it into a multitude of tiny pieces. He notice his hands were doing that weird glowing again, and someone chortling under their breath. Thaylin felt rather idiotic, calmed down, and introduced himself. In a surpisingly odd tone for sch a large man, he spoke.

Good Morning fellow traveler. My name is Thaylin. Would you happen to know how much farther the city is from here?

It is a great distance to the nearest City friend. The closest one is not even in this direction. If you come with me, we should make it in a short while.

A glum look fell over Thaylin's face. He reluctantly agreed, and went off with his new companion.

ooc: Anyone who would like to continue this, email me, and we'll share ideas. I'll tell you more about my character, and my goals for him.

The Maxx

P.S. I thought I'd post under my character's name, and sign it with what everyone knows me by.

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - 02:31 am:

Well, I suppose I'll just have to do the entire story on my own. :P

I really tried to work a lot of interactivities into my ideas, but o well.

The Maxx

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