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By Burn, Darzim, or (Fereno) on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 11:08 am:

fereno had been thinking too much. he remembered too much. down to the very words he had spoke. it had been almost 2 years since he found out, 3 since it all began. he was so close too. so very close. why had it happen? was everything he was told lies? fereno didnt know much about the wolf he remembered as marrow, except he was actually a human, and that he left fereno about 2 years ago. why did he leave? fereno had naturally grasped the ability to manipulate green mana, and was so very close to manipulating red mana, then marrow left. marrow had a plan, something about goin northeast, as taking over something, fereno still wasnt sure what it was. one thing still bothered fereno, and that was whether or no he and marrow were really connected, whether or not they could live forever.

fereno had to stop thinking about that now, he saw his target: the leader of one of the prominent elven tribes.

a short man approached fereno from the rear. fereno heard him coming, and before the man could say anything fereno warned him

you better stay here, or we might meet a flurry of arrows

huh? oh yes, ive come-

just hold on a minute ive got something to do

not a second passed, and fereno was up and flying throught he forest after the elven leader. he had arrows at his back the whole time, but still manage to slit the elf's throat and get back. while running past the little man he yelled

you better run like hell

with that, the man was off following him. after about a half hour of running, fereno finally came to a stop. the man was breathing heavily, and trying to talk at the same time

as i was saying..

relax for now, you need some rest. we can chit chat in the morning


fereno was up before the little man, who awoke to the sound of wood splitting.

i never caught your name


ok serdin, what is it that you want?

i was told to deliver a message to you, that your wanted in the northeast.

fereno stopped what he was doing and stared at him in fear and amazement at the same time.

the northeast?

yes, the northeast, im supposed take you there. you are assasinate-

first, i dont assasinate, i hunt. and second, why the northeast

because thats where my master is.

i didnt know my reputation left the forest

well, my master spent some time here and heard alot about you

ok then, you were saying.

oh yes, in the northeast you are to hunt and kill the leader of a guild called Wizards of the Coast. there is huge cash reward n it for you

i dont think ive heard of them, must be farther northeast then ive been

have you been to the ocean?

cant say i have

your gonna love it-

how are we gonna get there?

oh yes, we are to travel east to a river of some sort and follow that river through the desert and to the ocean. once we get to the ocean we travel farther east until we reach the first town on the coast.

sounds easy enough, but we might have to take an alternate route

why's that?

because theres alot of dangers in that desert. aside from that dammed city, kaidel, theres something evil there. im not sure what, but there is

well, i guess we'll work that out when we get there. i must say something though, your methods are very unusual. ever try a bow or poison or soemthing easier?

well, cause i dont find using bows or poison fun, but this i find fun.

ooc: im sorry, i had to make this guild....to much of an urge....but i'll put it on the map, anything anyone else needs on the map while im at it?

By Spin13 (Spin13) on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 02:42 pm:

OCC: I apologize for asking such an unrelated question, but nobody I've talked to before has known anything about it. Exactly how do you change your username and still have it show your registered name? I've seen you as both the current heading for this post as well as Burn, the keeper of the Flames (Fereno) and can't figure out how to do such "flavor" changes myself. To keep this from getting too OOC, could you email me at i***n@o***h.com Thanks! -Eric

By Nix (Nix) on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 03:39 pm:

OOC: put soldaria a little southeast of Tel Varon, where the 2 river sections turn into 1. we are on that fork in the river.

By Burn, Darzim, or (Fereno) on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 05:07 pm:

ooc: spin: the e-mail didnt work. e-mail me r***e@a***l.com

and im just curious if theres anyone that doenst know what ooc means? well its Out Of Character

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