problems at tel varon

Beyond Dominia: The Fiction Mill: problems at tel varon

By Burn, Darzim, or (Fereno) on Friday, July 20, 2001 - 01:58 pm:

darzim watched as thalag raced up the stairs and towards him

darzim, hurry, you have no time

time for what?

tel varon is being attacked by kaidel, they sent an airship protected by magic.

then why do they need us, they should have stronger magic.

because when its destroy id imagine hundreds of warriors will fall out of it and attempt a siege. hurry, grab a horse, and rally as many dwarves as you can. you have mere hours to get there.

im on my way

wait, take this athalon, on the way back, take it to soldaria.

darzim nodded, and jumped up, grabbing the athalon, his warhammer, and his armor. down into the barracks he went, in a frenzy, yelled to his fellow dwarves.

our king says tel varon is being attacked by kaidel. we wont make it there before they do, but we might be able to make it before kaidel does any real damage, and hopefully draw some attention away from the city. hurry men, gab weapons, armor, and steed and HURRY.

as the barracks went into an uproar, darzim put on his own armor and went to get a horse. he was out the fortress, and headed towards tel varon. about 50 yards behind him was a legion of dwarven soldiers.

darzim started muttering to himself

by the time we get there, either the ship or tel varon will be destroyed....all of this for nothing. well at least ill get to find something out about this damned metal.

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