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By saira yerffej on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 - 01:15 pm:

i've been reading your "The Control Player's Bible" lately and i got to admit i learned a LOT from it. i myself am a big fan of control decks. what caught my attention though is when you stated you are a UP student, right there and then i assumed you are from UP dil. am i mistaken? i go to UP dil too and old powerful cards are getting scarce here by the minute(err, the country too i guess). heck! i can't even see a single mage play a morphling around the campus. can you please suggest a place where i can get some really good old powerful cards (buy or trade) that's not gonna get me out of the city?not a lot of people still visit virra mall at greenhills after the magic shops there caught fire and all they sell nowadays are newer cards. thanks and more power!

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