No SteroTypical archtype, just after some thoughts/advice

Beyond Dominia: Casual and Beginner's Advice Mill: No SteroTypical archtype, just after some thoughts/advice

By Rob Scott on Monday, March 11, 2002 - 01:02 am:

City of Brass x3
Deserted Temple x1
Strip Mine x1
Underground River x1
Sulfurous Springs x2
Forest x1
Volrath's Stronghold x1
Scrubland x1
Savannah x1
Underground Sea x2
Tropical Island x3
Bayou x3
Maze of Ith x1
Sol Ring x1
Juggernaut x1

Serendib Efreet x4


Lightning Bolt x4
Incinerate x3
Kaervek's Torch x1

Balance x1
Disenchant x2
Swords to Plowshares x3

Erhnam Djinn x3
Birds of Paradise x4
Uktabi Orangutan x1
Regrowth x1

Nekrataal x2
Dark Ritual x3
Hypnotic Specter x4
Demonic Tutor x1

i'm just looking for overall thoughts/ideas on it, i've been told to bump the land count, and look at negators. i'm also thinking of sucotas (sp? the new t2 juzzam thing), and a 4th city and perhaps some other duals.

money wise, i'm not after any of the huge power cards, as there cost is just silly now :)


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