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By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 05:29 am:

Kaat'n Castle Infirmary
January 7, 795 TSR

'Arcanus' -- was that his name? He knew that he was 'Arcanus Goss', but was that truly his name? He wondered how he could have spent such a long time without thinking about such a simple thing as his own name. It was on the tip of his toungue, but he could not quite move it any further than there. People had, of course, always addressed him by his honorable title, 'Ley Druid.'

He laid another cold compress on Level's forehead and then immediately wondered if that was such a good idea. Perhaps he should slit the boy's throat instead. No. He had to consider the possibilities, before he decided to kill an unconcious 16-year-old boy.

Still, the boy could end them all; at least if the Häs Naledák had said what he thought it had said: Shadow had returned and taken hold of a vessel. The vessel was resisting but could not indefinitely hold Shadow at bay within itself.

There was more, but that was the essence of it. Grim news to say the least. He hadn't yet told the rest of Kaat'n. When Sage Advisor returned, he would consult with him on the matter, but until then, he could only hope for the best.

Nothing else he could do for now. Except sit there and keep replacing the compress. He thought of the girl and wished that he could have done something for her, but there was...nothing left. Nothing. Was 'Arcanus' really his name?

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