What Ever Happened To Volrath?

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: What Ever Happened To Volrath?

By Newbie on Thursday, March 15, 2001 - 10:38 pm:

How did Crovax became the evincar of Rath? I'm totally clueless to the storyline between Exodus and Invasion. Today, I saw that UNMASK has an illustration of a women taking off what seems to be Volrath's outer armor. Volrath's a woman!!!??? Clue me in people.

By Ravyson on Friday, March 16, 2001 - 10:38 am:

Wrong area to post this in.

By Menzoborrannean on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 09:07 pm:

Volrath is not a woman. The art on that card is kindof misleading. Ya see in Marcadian Masques Volrath disguised himself as Takara so he could get on the weatherlight. So you see that card should show a woman losing her skin and becoming volrath, not volrath losing his skin and becoming a woman. Also when the weatherlight went from rath to marcadia, Tefiri the apprentice wizard fell out. Volrath is off in marcadia chasing down Gerrard so the phyrexians appoint Belbe, an elf who's been transformed into a phyrexian to find a evincar. Crovax is the only candidate but right as she is about to appoint him, volrath comes back. Volrath and Crovax fight it out and volrath strikes a killing blow but tefiri uses his magic to interfere with the slice and it misses. (him hoping that crovax will spare him and belbe) Crovax then transformes Tefiri into a phyrexian and has him kill volrath by injecting flowstone into his vains and disassembling him (ala the card topple) Well now you know.

By karn, silver golem on Friday, March 30, 2001 - 10:18 pm:


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