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By Ravyson on Wednesday, May 16, 2001 - 10:49 pm:

Light draped across his eyes. As Ravyson opened them, he thought to himself about how much time he had spent in the care of the medics lately.

Jerreck offered him water. "Feeling better?"

Ravyson took it and drank. After completely the glass, he set it down. "No. I'm not human. Not exactly easy news to take, especially with a few thousand years worth of memory to go along with it. Not feeling like talking."

Jerreck leaned back. "I wasn't born here either. I came in debt to a dragon. We all have our demons to face."

"I am the demon to face! I am the very face of the enemy! How will people look upon me now?"

"You are not the enemy, Ravyson. You know that. These people look up to you! They see you as their defender. You are the one to stop this menace, because you can do what they can. We can fire arrows at them, throw fireballs at them, and dodge them as they hit us. You can fight the Dagaan on their own terms!"

"No, I can't! I'm weaker here, weaker than Ivlivs is. I spent a long time on my home plane, and that makes me quite strong, but my powers wane here. They are fresh from there, I can't beat that, especially with someone older than me like Ivlivs."

"I've seen you get more powerful as we've been together. Your power gets stronger, it doesn't wane."

Ravyson stood up. "So explain my lack of being able to fire energy? He can do that, I cannot." He walked around the room. "We need an edge to defeat them with. Or better yet, take away their edge."

Jerreck looked at him. "You know what that would require?"

"I know. But I'm willing to sacrifice my own flight to destroy their ability to do so. I'll tell Rolshin to get his wizards on a spell."

By Ravyson on Wednesday, May 30, 2001 - 07:33 pm:

OOC: It's kind of odd knowing something that will happen to months ahead of this post. Anyhow...

March 11, 795 TR

Ravyson walked through the streets. He was on his way to go see Rolshin. He had already given his idea to the king, who accepted it. The sacrifice Ravyson would have to make would give the spell its power. As he walked, the crowds parted as if they were a cloud. Murmurs were heard all around him; it seemed as if everyone knew who and what he was. He could hear various theories: that he was a spy; that he was a demon; that he would kill them all. He could hear the fear that his presence instilled on the people he was honor-bound to protect.

Finally he couldn't take the words anymore. He shot into the air, flying the rest of the way to the castle. He stepped down onto the gates of the castle. The two guards looked at him, recognized that he was the hero Ravyson, and moved out of the way. He could sense the fear that he set on them also, even though he had passed through these doors many times.

He stepped into the throne room. "Rolshin!" His voice seemed to awake the king, who looked rather haggard. "Sir, are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Just not feeling too well. Now, you're here... Because of the spell, that's right. Come with me, we'll see the magi." The king rubbed his eyes. "This way."

They walked in silence on the way. Only a few coughs from the ruler interrupted the silence. Ravyson contemplated the gift he was about to give up, and the peace that his actions would give. No one would fear him because he could fly; he would be just another human.

They were in the magic chamber. Three hooded magi stood around a cauldron. The three spoke at once. "The otherworlders will not fly. A sacrifice must be made willingly from the bloodline of the fliers. The blood must be given, to consume the power of flight." One prodeced a knife, ceremonially embedded with jewels. He handed it to Ravyson.

Ravyson walked to the cauldron. He held the knife, and then moved it slowly downwards. The blade slit the inside of his hand. Blood trickled from the wound, warm and red, and fell into the cauldron. He held his hand to the opening and handed the bloodied knife to Rolshin.

The king regarded the ceremonial knife with the same regard that Ravyson did. He mimiced his actions, slowly cutting his hand open. He let his own blood fall into the cauldron, mixing it with Ravyson's. Neither had winced in pain.

The mage who had given the knife to Ravyson took it back. He issued another order. "Hold your hands there until the blood flow stops. The ingredients are ready when the blood is gathered. The spell will be prepared."

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