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By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Thursday, May 31, 2001 - 11:20 pm:

ooc: im using this post to explain my characters absence and to get rid of one. the one thats left after this post will play a minor part in shadow's storyline, if any

May 5, 795 TSR, somewhere near the dragonback mountains

Wingroot woke up from what seemed like a very long sleep. He wasnt sure what happen to him. he still possessed the old wizard's body, which was deteriating rapidly, and had seemingly caught the ancient plague of goblin fever. wingroot felt lucky that e was only a spirit as he arose from a bed of soft, silky sheets, he was greeted by a young man, no older then a squire. as the young man approaches he notices the afternoon light through a window

"you finaly have awaken master"

"wh- who are you"

"why, im your servant, hegrant"

"what happen to me"

"would you like the long or short version"

"umm...i guess the short"

"ok, while you tried to build your army to present to shadow, you realised you needed a new body, and decided you want the body you once possessed- fereno's. you gave up everything, and captured him. then, reading a spellbook, you was told to put a sleeping spell on both you and your captive, before you could successfully switch into his body, without a chance of him getting control back. you did the spell, slept while i took care of you, and now you woke up."


"now how about something to eat. will soup do? were a bit short on supplies

wingroot stares into space, obviously absorbed in deep thought


"oh yes, soup will do"

hegrant hurries off to prepare te meal, as wingroot goes back into deep thought.

wingroot yells, after a few moments of silence

from across the hut, hegrant replies
"whats it?"

wingroot, hurried and got dressed. he had another chance at power. as soon as he got dressed, he ran into the kitchen, and grabbed hegrant and screamed
"where is fereno being held captive"

"you dont have to scream"

"tell me dammit, i will kill you"
wingroot says while grabbing hegrant

"okay, okay, go down the stairs to your left, and in the lone cell, he should be"

"good, now get out of here, and if i see you again, ill rip your throat out and feed you to the ghouls"

hegrant, silently obays the order and runs out into wilderness.

wingroot watches him run, then as soon as hegrants out of sight, he descends the stairs into the cell, taking a torch off the wall along the way.

he comes to the end of the stairs, and sees 2 cells. in one a crippled old man lays, in the other, a young, fearsome looking warior. wingroot approaches the one with the warrior and beckons to him.

the warrior says, faintly and weak, as he sees wingroot

wingroot draws this warrior to the cold steel door of the cell. he opens the door, and places his hand upon the warriors shoulder. with a burst of light, the warriors spirit is expelled from his body, and wingroot's spirit enters the body

wingroot screams in a snake like voice

after the bust of light, wingroot falls to the floor, and lays there for about 10 minutes.

once he comes to, he arises, and starts testing out his new body's strenght. he grabs a sword in the corner, and swings it about, then places it in his hilt. soon after he climbs the stairs and makes his way outside.

a cloud of darkness covered phamea.

wingroot realized what is happening.

"i better hurry if i am to be of any help"
he mutter under his breath and makes his way towards the dragonback mountains

(ooc- the warrior was fereno, if you didnt know. so hes dead, and wingroot is going to try to get to shadow to help him, but i can already say, chances are, he wont make it in time.)

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