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By Wicked darkman on Thursday, June 07, 2001 - 06:20 am:

Playing magic changed my rpg world.

All these cards and effects that spawned so many beautiful combinations had to be possible to imitate in a rpg world.

I have had rich results with that project and since then has created more than 300 spells all interconnecting with each other in direct or interdirect ways.

Here is a tool for those inexperienced in creating spells this way...

Take a paper and draw 10 big empty boxes, then draw lines between some of them so they connect in different ways, but no more than 5 links to other boxes is adviceable and no less than 2 links.

Then write a spell in one box, any spell you can think of.

In each box connected to that box you write down a new spell that can change or enhance the first spells, remember that any boxes in contact with each other must interact.

When you have made a spell for each box, draw the same system again and enter the same spells, this time you errata all the spells so that there will be no doubt how they interact...



This spell creates a bulge on a tree, if any tree within 20 meters is wounded by more than 2hp damage from a single attack the bulge will burst releasing a treebulgespider (alienlike tough spider with elemental powers)
The tree with the bulge will die from the bulge wound unless healed in some way. The burst counts as a 20hp attack.
If the tree survives the bulge will respawn within d4 days.
Root wall:

this spell fills a doorway or tunnelopening with a thick barrier of roots that move aside at the casters command.
Plant scream:

this spell enchants a plant so that whenever it suffers 4hp damage or more from a single attack it will release a scream that kills anything living with hearing (not undead) within 20 meters.
a vs is allowed.
Gaeas rune:

this spell creates a rune on a plant.

This rune regenerates 1 hp pr round of the plants hp. also the runed plant do not need sunlight or water and cannot sufficate or drown.
It is obvious that some of these spells will interact because I have made them so, but the brilliance is that spells further away also may be able to combine with these spells.

The possibilities are endless if you are inventive enough.

I got inspired by living artifact before I made this attempt at spellmaking the mtg way.

this spell will cause a magical item to sprout 6 squidlike arms of either animalic or vegetarian origin making the item count as a creature or plant.
So all plantrelated spells can actually be redirected to affect magical items by a single spell...

Is it needless to say that I also have a spell that mutates an animal into half animal half plant???

I hope you can use this to anything...

Wicked darkman...

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