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By Wicked darkman on Saturday, June 16, 2001 - 08:11 pm:

One of my newest tools is ideamachines...

When you have acreative mind but sometimes need inspiration you normally set back to a ritual situation where you smoke a lot, drink a lot listen a lot to music or other relaxing situations until you have an inspiration, I know that inspiration occur faster during unexpected situations or when you think during an action where you not normally think of inspiration...

To gain inspiration your brain needs input and it must be as new as possible to give of good stuff.

I use inspirational tables...

(you can call me table guy)...

Here is an example...

use a d12.

1 the sweet stench of burned flesh spread out through the battlefield.
2 the golfer stood on the green, concentrating on the ball.
3 water was everywhere and great whales swam by.
4 the maul was as usually filled with people, but noone knew that 3 of them were terrorists.
5 in this small corner of the universe the asteroid MH675 was a desirable place to be.
6 ibiza, with hard pointy rocks in the soft beachy sands of the shore.
7 the inner parts of the cloister sothed the effects of the heatwave.
8 he clung to the torch, so this was the statue of liberty...
9 suddenly he was on the internet, the actual internet.
10 a cow peeked out under a sheet of paper, the place was gary larsons studyroom.
11 the bar was crowded and a fight broke loose.
12 the inside of fort knox, gold was everywhere.

now remember that first result...

use d12 again...

1 lightweight champion.
2 tom clancys op-center.
3 "ah, opposable digits".
4 hunt the goose.
5 computer manual.
6 sex in the city.
7 mulder, scully and the alien.
8 keep you shoes clean and your zipper up.
9 if you think you know everything you know crap.
10 "whats wrong uncle donal?".
11 "the shiphull is breaking in we must eject".
12 "is that a bunny in your pocket?"

now try to make a connection between these two sentences, think of a way to use the mental aspects in a scenario...

Okay, you may have failed to see the connection but the thing is that your thoughtpatterns have been altered for a short while (from seconds to mere minuttes)

This change can be used to force yourself to think unoriginal ways (as in unorthodox).

These two tables were just examples, the real ones should be d100, if you want the easy version where your brain does not get beaten by piccasso just enter dungeonwords like "orcattack" "magecrystals" and "powerfull spell".

Im working on a d1000 with my own personal flavortext from my multiverse (I have 200 dimensions) maybe I will include some of the good stuff from magiccards, each flavortext is a universe of its own...

"from each seed a universe, from each universe a thousand seeds".

Combine two random texts and you get a storyline if you can just find the connections...

Just to tell you, this idea is one of my weirdest and from time to time I fear for my sanity.

"do not look too long into the abyss, you may find the abyss is staring back at you"

(Ive found that perhaps im the one in the abyss, if so, you should not read my posts too often)

Wicked darkman...

By It is only fit that one such as I,... wicked darkman on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 03:30 pm:

This is impossible, ive been away for months and this topic is still in here????

Its not that usefull as a tool you know...

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