History's Price

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: History's Price

By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Monday, June 18, 2001 - 12:07 pm:

Even her dreams could bring solice, being filled as they were with not just recent horrors, but their duplicate memories from days long past. It was the worst of all déjà vu's, a torment inescapable. SLAYER's attentions were not kind, and her spirit quavered when he laughed. Cre-chi had struggled in his bonds to break free and help his sister, but came no closer to escape. Then SLAYER stuck him savagely in the head, and his efforts ceased.

But night had fallen at last, and SLAYER had at last been satisfied, rolling over into a deep slumber. In her distress and emotional suffering, weariness took her as well. Now, she had awoken before he, and wished to go. Acytuib was nowhere to be seen, but from the darkened corner where Cre-chi lay, she caught the glint of eyes half-lidded.

Silently creeping to her brother, she tore the filthy gag from his mouth. He made no sound but nodded in thanks. He was an elven hunter, and knew their escape hinged upon their secrecy. Thanks could wait until they were far away from this menace. With a cold stare over her shoulder, they retreated into Deep Shadow. A more watchful pair of eyes than they suspected observed their flight into the darkness. When the elves were gone long enough, the eyes' owner set off in casual pursuit.


"Are you really my brother?" She asked, already feeling the answer in her heart, but not recognizing it in her mind.

"Yes, Kay-ti. You have been gone so long you were presumed dead. It's been ten years."

"Has it been that long? I had no idea." Her voice was innocent, dreamy. The same voice that had lulled other men into worship of her, driving them slowly insane. Few broke such a bond easily. "I feel like I've come up from a deep trench to breath the air anew even as I've been breathing it all along. Only now it's sweeter than I remember, and yet not so."

Cre-chi smiled gravely at his sister. "After what I just saw you go through, it pains me to bring you this news." He choked. "I was sent to bring you back to the Heartland. Judgement has been laid upon you, sister. For crimes against existence, you are to be put to death, if you could still be found alive. I am sorry."

Kay-ti stopped walking and stared icily at her brother. She wanted to hate him for what he had said. Longed to tell him she had done nothing to warrant a death sentence. But her peaceful memories were crumbling swiftly now, and indeed were mostly gone. The old remained, and she knew it was right that she die. Faces and names flashed through her mind: Cup.Elrohir. Jake. She recalled love, but remembered not whom she loved. Wars had been waged in her name and at her command. Many had died. Then there was her bastard son, who was a crime to humanity all his own, and she was partly responsible for bringing him into the world.

Doom settled on her soul, and she accepted this fate her brother laid upon her.

"Please, Cre-chi. Don't take me back to Heartland. Do it now, and take my body with you." Her emotions were quickly overwhelming her, but she felt so disgusted with herself that death was the most acceptable answer to her.

"I know your pain, sister, but you cannot ask me to do this. It is a violation of the Order."

"I don't care about the Order, Cre-chi. I've lived to far away from it to have meaning for me. SLAYER will come shortly for me, and he will catch us no matter what we do. My life puts yours in danger."

"That is a danger I'm willing to accept."

"If we're both dead, who will take word back of my fate?"

"Many already think you dead. They simply want proof. Others will find our bodies."

Kay-ti muttered in frustration. Close to her brother, she caressed his cheek, then pulled his knife from his belt and put it in his hand for him. "Kill me now brother." Her tone was imperious, and he was almost compelled to obey.

"I...erkkkk....ghuuuh." Twin blades protruded from his chest as he slumped lifelessly to the ground. Cre-chi was no more.

It was then Kay-ti saw the reflective metal of Tal'n's scaled body unravel itself from a tree and the darkness surrounding it, and he dropped to the ground. A twenty foot long techno-snake man found the ground to be relative to his posture, but effortlessly wiped blood from the blades that were an integral part of his forearm.

The beast said nothing, and she hoped it would slay her too. But it just picked her up, and slithered silently into the forest away from her treehouse. Her brother was left in the darkness far behind. She envied his fate.

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