An Ancient Evil Returns Renewed

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By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Wednesday, June 20, 2001 - 10:05 am:

(OOC: This wasn't the next part I was gonna write, but I figured I'd answer Shadow's question, and anyway I've got about three stories going on so I can do any one of them - though the "next" one is concerning Aerlin.)

Thrakkiss was instantly on his guard. Years ago, Tal'n was sent to hunt him down and return him to Phyrexia, where Thrakkiss had spent more than enough time as a prisoner. He was not of a mind to return to that artifact hell.

"Tal'n! So you've caught up with me at last."

"You have nothing to fear from me any longer, Thrakkisss. SSSLAYER isss more likely to possse a threat than I am."

An uneasy silence hung in the air until Nitsud broke the mood. "Well now, gentlemen. Thrakkiss, if I may introduce Kay-ti, the elf girl?" He nodded in the direction of "Siran." She gave a brief smile, but nothing else to betray her own wariness. She had been hurt by strangers already, and here was another.

It was then that Thrakkiss saw the elven ears that unmistakably differentiated her from Siran. Slowly, realization rose within him like the sun cresting the horizon after a long night's journey on the dark side of the world. This was why he had been drawn to Siran Drauka, for she was given shape in no less than that of the woman standing before him! Already, his mind was racing.

Recollections surfaced before plunging under once more, memories of other times, and other people. Once more he recalled the faces of those who had stood with him and against him, and he realized quickly how few people were involved in the ancient conflicts which had ultimately threatened to destroy the world. It was always those people, with a few new ones to replace the old. Even those now were dead for the most part, or otherwise gone. Of that core, was he the only to remain?

He of course knew much of Kay-ti already, but how she survived Armageddon, he did not know. They had met before was it really that long ago? at its conclusion, when Tara fixed what had been broken.

"We've met before," Thrakkiss replied to the introduction. Kay-ti's eyes narrowed, then widened in recognition and, almost, fear.

"I suppose we have," she said. "This is all so confusing. A minute ago I had no idea who you were, but now I remember...By the GODS! I remember!" Kay-ti collapsed in a fit of sobbing as thousands of lives died again in her memory, destroyed in her presence by Acytuib while they both were controlled by the Dark Heart of the Wood.

Thrakkiss did not know exactly what ailed her, but assumed it was a guilty conscience with all blissful illusions violently removed. He almost felt compassion for her, but not quite. After all, he had labored against the destruction she and her son had caused, and that made them enemies, of a sort. And that reminded him of...

An explosion rocked the Eradicator. Claxons began to sound and weapon systems whined as they prepared for battle. Drones swarmed everywhere.

"It's Acytuib, he's come for me," Kay-ti mumbled.

"No, it's SLAYER. He's the one," Tal'n concluded. "I can smell him from here."

Thrakkiss remained oblivious to the argument. His mind was focused on something much more urgent than the attack on the Eradicator, but both were entwined.

I have found you at last, Thrakkiss. Now, you will die!

Beyond the hackneyed dialogue, Thrakkiss knew that voice and sensed its power. He bitterly recognized what had taken a true goddess to destroy that he could not. Then as now, he had been one of the few capable of even putting up small defense against the Dark Heart of the Wood. Stopping Shadow and Fatestop was just going to have to wait.

By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Sunday, June 24, 2001 - 10:26 am:

The irony of his thought escaped him - the goddess had destroyed this evil, so what was it doing attacking Eradicator? Calling up a screen showing the Eradicator's exterior, he quickly assessed the situation Thrakkiss saw both SLAYER and Acytuib launching energy blasts against the structure.

"This is unacceptable!" wailed Nitsud. "Oh me, oh my. we were nearing operation and these fools show up. Weapons systems offline. Thrakkiss, Tal'n, can you do anything to stop them?"

"Shut up, moron, and start fixing things. I can deal with SLAYER and Acytuib. Tal'n..." Thrakkiss hesitated. "Blast, just come with me."

"I'm going too. Maybe I can settle my son a bit," Kay-ti insisted on her presence.

"No. Don't you get it, that's the Dark Heart returned, Kay-ti. It took you before, and that leaves you open to it now. That's not your son anymore."

"I'm still going," she said quietly. But Thrakkiss had already left.


Outside, Thrakkiss had drawn his sword, and faced his opposition. SLAYER watched calmly from a distance while Acytuib approached to attack. He lurched into the sky, filled with the hate and malice of the Dark Heart.

I hate you, Thrakkiss, came the Dark Heart's words from Acytuib's mouth.

"Why?" Silence. A blast of power lanced out and Tal'n imploded. Thrakkiss didn't mourn the loss.

Hate needs no meaning. Kay-ti appeared at the door. Revenge is mine.

Kay-ti let out a strangled scream. Blood dripped like tears from her eyes. Blisters welled up from pockets beneath her skin. In anguish, she was wrenched from the ground by the strong arm of Acytuib.

"You monster."

I you made me do this, Thrakkiss. Slowly, Acytuib gripped his hands deep into the side of his mother and looked calmly at Thrakkiss. With no hint of emotion, claws savagely penetrated her skin and tore in two directions. Simultaneously, a concussive shockwave blew Kay-ti's body into nothing but blood and tissue, splattering over Thrakkiss. He had perhaps seen no more grisly thing than a son murdering his own mother in that fashion.

"Enough." He raised his hand, and a massive fireball formed, lancing through Acytuib and striking the canyon wall near SLAYER. Acytuib, did not flinch or look stunned by the fireball, but for the gaping hole in his chest. The foul energy enveloping him fled to SLAYER, and Acytuib's body plummeted to the canyon floor. A green-tinged SLAYER grinned maliciously.

I'll be awaiting you at Kaat'n. Then he streaked away through the sky at an unparalleled speed. Thrakkiss returned to the Eradicator where Nitsud was busy getting repairs underway.

"We need to go to Kaat'n, and need to go now!"

(OOC: I know, it's a hack story, but I'm already quickly losing interest. Must...make...Thrakkiss...confront...Shadow...and the Dark Heart/SLAYER...)

By Shadow (Shadow) on Sunday, June 24, 2001 - 11:41 pm:

Oooo, I like it! Somehow, Elro, stuff you write always leads me to unexpected but pleasant twists in my plans. Nothing to worry about, just more fun for me. :)

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