Barriers, Bastions

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Barriers, Bastions

By Shadow (Shadow) on Thursday, June 21, 2001 - 07:44 pm:

Shadow had to catch himself. He could not do this. Error was unacceptable. He had been wasting time on what should be serving as a mere distraction. Reveling in success...grah! Pleasure of a body...grah! He had been through it all before; what was different this time. Ley Druid. Perhaps his "friend" was attempting to pull strings from within his subconscious, pulling him away from his plans. That would not do, but an examination would have to wait, that would only delay things further. Delay. His enemy, a barrier. Time so often destroys the most beautiful of human ideas, stifling catharsis with petty distraction, then erasing the mere possibilty of further movement by failing memory.

Enough! Onward! And Shadow relaxed and slipped inside himself. His spirit moved through the land at an extra-Plankian speed until he reached the place he sought and his body reformed around the whirlwind of thoughts.

Here. Loebar. The red bastion. The Xidani and the sixth stone tickled his flesh. Wondered if I would ever get this far. It seems so easily done. Too easily. Ah! There's that doubt again. Enemy. Barrier. Doubt was unacceptable. Doubt could kill a man.

He turned to the red bastion, and still felt awed at what he was about to do. The world will tremble... He trembled. Bastion. Ha. We shall see. Shadow pulled forth the stones with his mind and a sword formed amongst them, the Five in the hilt and the sixth on the tip. He raised the blade, then before another barrier could overcame him swung it down with inhuman might and struck the red bastion.

Of course, nothing happened.

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