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By Rhisiart on Wednesday, July 04, 2001 - 06:33 pm:

Interplanar Date: January 12th, 815 TR
Phaeman Date: May 24th, 795 TR


For over two decades, from my point of view, I have been hopping from world to world as I did so many years ago before my initial arrival on Phaema. Now I return to this plane, set so far apart from the rest, to find that here, little has changed. Here, only a few months have passed since Cassandra, Artemis and myself were abducted, transported through fell magics to an otherdimensional hell, a place of darkness and despair.

If only I could say the same for myself.

For the rest of the multiverse, near as I can tell, twenty years have passed, twenty long years in which we were lost and always pursued by the forces of evil. It has been nearly sixteen years since old Victor Bonhurst - the true Victor Bonhurst, not that infernal shadow that replaced him and soiled his name through acts of villany - found ultimate salvation by sacrificing himself to save an entire world from a demonic assault provoked by our mere presence. It has been five years, exactly five, since Artemis was murdered in her sleep by an infernal assassin, and I was forced to bind myself to Cassandra's sword and allow my body to die.

But I am more concerned about Cassandra's welfare than my own. The poor child has grown up with little joy, little laughter, and she has become entirely too solemn and insensitive as a result. I fear that the events to come will only strengthen the darkness I see growing and festering deep within her soul.

I had hoped for a joyous reunion with the denizens of Riveroak Castle - Eitri Underhill, our long-suffering clerk, in particular - but Cass and myself emerged from the portal chamber to find the halls silent and empty. Dust covers every surface. Cobwebs have developed in all the corners. The castle is in great disrepair, and I cannot help but wonder what has happened to it. Open conflict would have caused extensive damage to the structure, yet I see only the minor wear and tear associated with any building that had been abandoned for several weeks. Perhaps the government of New Avalon and all associated with it has moved to Riveroak City, or even Justice Keep? It is something we shall have to investigate.

I am happy to report that I found this enchanted journal and discovered that most of the entries I transmitted did indeed make it past the dimensional shield. A few are somewhat garbled, but that's all right. At least I have some record of my travels to share with the others once I locate them.

Since most of the supplies within the castle proper are missing (along with many of the books in the main library - fortunately, no one was able to gain access to the Great Vault, as far as I've been able to determine) or decayed, Cassandra and myself will have to gather provisions in Riveroak City before setting out for KAAT'N. I have been unable to locate the legendary guild using my inherent directional senses, but I continue to hope that some path to their stronghold may be found. Should that fail, I suppose I'll try to locate some members of Oor-Tael. At any rate, our side trip to Riveroak should provide us with the opportunity to determine what, exactly, happened to drive out the servants and residents of the castle.

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