The Price

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: The Price

By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Saturday, July 07, 2001 - 06:09 am:


June 1, 795 - Talismanian Reckoning

Thrakkiss noticed the green tinge about all the room. The Dark Heart was here, somewhere. It was the Dark Heart who had dragged him from the city of Tanarak on the 83rd plane of Rabiah. Now, he knew why.

It was all so simple. Given time and enough malice, the Dark Heart had reformed itself into a being capable of affecting worlds again, since it had its powers once stripped by Tara. This had upset it the most, for it had no purpose in existing. Its life, such as it was; meaningless. Well had it been for its discovery of Thrakkiss, to bring a focus to its rage.

SLAYER said no word as he approached. Speech was beyond him now, for he was but an empty shell that the Dark Heart could use. Ley Druid tossed his sword to SLAYER, and watched the spectacle anew, as observer rather than participant. SLAYER's hideous grin caused Thrakkiss to wince, and he held up his own sword.

Both swords began their dance again, faster and more desperate this time. Air held no effect on the swords, as they cut effortlessly through it, unerringly to a target, only to be deflected at the last second. For a while, SLAYER pressed the offensive, and Thrakkiss could do nothing but block. But SLAYER tired a bit, and grew bored, allowing Thrakkiss to change his own momentum. Each backed away from the other, panting.

"Enough! SLAYER, finish this mockery. We have more important things to do. I am afraid I cannot express sorrow at your demise, Thrakkiss, my old friend," Ley Druid commanded. SLAYER moved to obey.

"We were never friends, Ley," spat Thrakkiss.

SLAYER raised his hand, and a lance of energy leapt forth, spearing Thrakkiss in the shoulder, and spinning him to the ground in pain.

"Face it Thrakkiss, being a hero was never your gig. I could spare you, you know. Have you work with me. You'd be a great ally. Problem is, I would have to look over my shoulder every minute, wondering when you would betray me. Better to remove the poison at the earliest opportunity rather than let it become a festering wound. You are evil's weakest link, Thrakkiss. Goodbye." SLAYER's sword fell as the last of Ley Druid's words echoed into silence.

Thrakkiss did not watch its descent. Rolling at the last second, it imbedded itself into the stone where he had just lain, and as SLAYER jerked it free, he managed to stand, using his good hand. His right arm was useless, dangling about the hole blazed through it. He picked up his massive sword with his left, and again prepared to defend against SLAYER's onslaught.

"Screw this," he said, and dropped the sword. As handy as my blade is, only magic can avail me now.

He began channeling his very life force, giving his life to the spell he was about to cast, in deference to the power Fatestop wielded. SLAYER swung. Thrakkiss' power was unleashed.

A thunderous crack ripped through Castle Kaat'n, and Ley Druid could not bear to look into the light where stood SLAYER and Thrakkiss. When the light subsided, he saw only the expanse of the Dragonbacks surrounding the castle through the gaping hole in the wall.

Thrakkiss and SLAYER were no more.

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