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By by EPITAPH-VII on Friday, July 13, 2001 - 04:47 am:

deep below the ancient oceans.. even deeper than the ocean base.. Within a sealed covenant no other mind has reached... from the complete darkness, a flash, a shattering, silence again.. then echoed the words in arcane:

..dium... et.. (louder..)
..ludium.. et-nah... (Louder..)
..boludium.. et-nah.. sie.. (LOUDER!)

(the balance must be restored!)

The will was so powerful and free that no other entity alone could stand the sense of it. It was the will that was only to be unleashed when one of the seals that hold the true balance broke.

This was something beyond the reach of puny prophets and even the sands of time that inspires them...

A room where the time stopped became dimly lit by a candle's flame long- forgotten. A chandalier shaped like a balance.

It was in the middle of a round table, Around it, 6 chairs. Lying on the chairs, 6 skeletons. These were the last priests who set the 6 seals of evil and good eons ago just before they set their spirits to rest.

Bones from the ground started gathering, reforming the former shapes of the council members. Their eye sockets started firing up and in a few inconsequential seconds, or hours, or days, they stood straight on the chairs.

Each one of them came to voice and whispered:
blabla.... blabla...
(The Balance SHALL be restored!)

The candle light became brighter and brighter as they chanted and contacted their finger tips, forming a perfect hexagon. Gradually increasing, from a light as bright as the desert sun, and afterwards, from a light as bright as a star, appeared a ghostly figure.

A knight in full white plate armor holding a balance...

Upon his summoning, the days shall become twilight.
Infinitely bright, yet infinitely dark...
The fire shall become burning ice.
Cold to touch, yet burning...
The living shall slowly start dying..
and the dead shall slowly start living..


The force who broke the balance loses something very, VERY dear to it.

ooc: to be continued insistively..


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