Level suffers a failure, but is comforted by his mentor

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Level suffers a failure, but is comforted by his mentor

By Sir Whiteblade on Tuesday, August 01, 2000 - 04:02 am:

September 19, 794 Talismanian Reckoning

"You've learned the basics of self-defense, proper conduct, and general education. Now it is time to begin your schooling in magic. None of you has previously shown magical ability, but this does not mean you lack it. Many people can perform some small magic of which they did not realize themselves capable. Our guild leader, and master wizard, Sage Advisor, will be testing you today to see if you have the gift."

Whiteblade was slightly annoyed. The apprentices' disinterest in his words was broadcast by the expressions on their faces. They were too busy speculating on meeting Sage Advisor, who'd been so elusive their entire time at Kaat'n. Whiteblade sniffed. Sage Advisor's door opened. The old mage's hand extended out of the door and signaled to Whiteblade, who directed the children inside. He himself remained alone by the door.

Sage sat the three youths down on three stools. "I will now test you for magical ability." It was a half-truth -- he had a very good idea, already, of which of them would be able to craft spells. "Any of you who don't have the gift will still learn of magic, for their own protection. Ignorance is a far greater weapon than any spell." He could feel mana tending distinctly towards two of them. "Level," he turned to the siblings' friend, "imagine that you have a third arm. It is just like your other arms, made of flesh, with a third elbow at its midpoint, and a third hand at its end. Concentrate as hard as you can on that image. Close your eyes and cover your ears if that helps. Hold that image, that feeling of the arm in your head. You should be able to feel it extending from your body." Sage walked up to the boy, who was clinching his eyes shut and turning his face red. "Touch me with your third arm." Sage felt two taps on the spellshell around him. The other two had been subconsciously following his directions.

"Level, you can stop now." Level relaxed.

"Did you feel it?" he asked Sage, whose face remained as blank as it had been since the apprentices had entered the room.

Sage took a step back to speak to all of them. "Joshua, Danali, you have the gift. Level, you do not." Josh tried to stop his friend, but Level was tearing out the door. "Let him go, Joshua. It is a truth he will before too long accept. He is not upset so much that he does not have the gift, but that the two of you do. His friends are a part of something in which he will never be able to participate. Level simply feels left out."


Level's mad dash out the door was stopped short by Whiteblade who fell to the ground beneath him, quite tackled. Whiteblade went quickly from startled to sorry. Level was trying his hardest to keep from bursting into tears. It didn't take a prophet to figure out the rest. "Shh. Shhh. It's okay. I can't cast spells. I've never really missed it. Everybody has their own unique talents. You are showing great promise as a warrior. For mages there is much hard studying and boring lessons. For warriors, there is valor! Be a warrior. It is not so bad a thing." Level relaxed a bit. He felt silly to be so upset over something like this. He didn't know why he cared so much, or why Sir Whiteblade's words seemed to bring so much comfort.

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