First Lesson in Magic (w/ an RR OOC note)

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: First Lesson in Magic (w/ an RR OOC note)

By Sage Advisor on Saturday, August 05, 2000 - 05:57 am:

First off, the RR note is that Kaat'n can now be reached. Guards will be on the Kaat'n side of the divide. Request entry via shouting to them and it will probably be granted you, but wait for a response.

Second, I hate to disappoint you, but Sage isn't back. This is from his perspective, so I'm using his character's name for the post. It is incidentally the same as his screen name. Sorry for the confusion. --Shadow

Hoods were drawn tight as Sage Advisor delivered his first lesson in magic. Though Sage had to pause for the occasional blast of thunder, try to keep the apprentices from worrying about the storm, and generally blow out his lungs trying to speak over the downpour, he, at least, didn't have to worry about his pupils going anywhere; the mud was holding them fast.

"The art of magic," he said, "doesn't really have a lot to do with spellcasting. Today you are going to learn that the true art of magic is creativity. With the right componants, spells can be found to do nearly anything. The real limit isn't so much mana as it is imagination. Before you cast a spell, you have to know what spell to cast.

"You may recall the recent attack on Kaat'n. The majority of the invading army was eliminated by a single spell -- a Fireblast. However, it was not the blast that stopped most of them. The spell served triple duty, the actual blast killed several, but the stone sacrificed in order to cast it happened to be the bridge that had formerly served as the entrance to our secluded abode. Those still on the bridge fell to their death, and those who had not yet reached it were cut off. This is a prime example of creative spellcasting. You are going to help provide another.

"Though very effective in stopping the attack, the destruction of the bridge makes travel to and from Kaat'n extremely difficult. If there are to be apprentices from outside lands, there must be a way for them to get here. Magic may be employed to this end. What do you think the best solution is?"

Joshua spoke first, "Why not just recreate the bridge? That seems the obvious solution."

"So it is Joshua, and the simple, obvious solution is often the best, but in this case there are two problems with it. One, I don't have the necessary componants to cast that spell at present. Two, that would again present the original problem -- easy access for invading armies."

"How else can a route of transportation be restored?"

"That's exactly the question you should be asking, Joshua."

Denali spoke, "Perhaps people could be flown across."

"We don't exactly have wings, Den."

"Maybe something could carry us."


"You're on the right track, but there are, again, two problems with griffins. First, I would have to get griffins from somewhere; they are not common around here. Second, we need a longterm solution, and griffins eat a lot. I doubt we could afford to feed them."

The siblings furrowed their brows and considered this. Level had figured out the solution long ago, but was not about to volunteer any information. He wasn't a mage, so why should he care?

"We need something that can fly people--"

"And wagons, I think."

"Something that can fly people and wagons over a short distance, and that doesn't eat a lot...."

Sage sighed slightly, doubting that they would come up with the answer. "That's right, and I have just the thing. This is also a good oppurtunity for you to see some powerful magic at work. The spell I'm about to cast is a dangerous one. I am only able to do it with confidence, because of years of study. I know that I am able to control the beings I am about to summon. Another key principle of magic: know your limitations."

With that, Sage took a deep breath and began to draw and manipulate mana.

The youths started a bit as the mud that had been holding them began to slide away from their ankles. Sage Advisor had placed a hand on his forward. At his flanks, the mud was conglomerating. It began to swirl in place, as if it were on a potter's wheel. It spun more and more rapidly, until its movement was a blur. The blur began to take shape. The master potter was making mud golems.

Thunder crashed and the motion stopped. Two staring masses of mud unfurled their wings. With hollow, monotonous voices, they spoke in unison, "How can we serve you, creator."

"Your task is simple. When I, or a person whom I, before your eyes, appoint requests it, you will carry people and/or things from this side of the divide," Sage pointed to the empty space where the bridge once was, "to the other."

"Yes, creator."

By Shadow (Shadow) on Saturday, August 05, 2000 - 06:41 am:

The date on this post is "Morning, September 19, 794 Talismanian Reckoning"

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