Misty's Map

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By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Thursday, August 10, 2000 - 09:53 pm:

Rather extensive, and like I yell at Spencer so much, he adds far more than I'm comfortable with, but who am I to argue at this point?

Misty's Map

By Burn, Clan Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Friday, August 11, 2000 - 01:56 am:

the part of the skyreach mountains that portrudes into duskwood forest looks good for the plans i have. forget the mtns surrounded by a forest, this is better.

By /\/\ist Phantom on Friday, August 11, 2000 - 08:17 pm:

Thanks for going through the trouble of converting the file and posting the map, Elro. I'll try and figure out how to do it myself next time. :)

OK, now the explanation for it...
First, the older additions I had made to the map were what the Mist's Additions are. Those are fairly unimportant, and just include a few islands I had used earlier with /\/\ist Phantom. It was a brief thing, though, so I never went into detail about them. But again, they're not important for now.

Second, I just took the Phaema map off of the homepage, copied & pasted it into my cheap paint program, and used a spraycan tool or whatever to detail the different forests and such. The mountains were already there on the map, I just named them along with the features I had added.

Third, the bold print details the new additions, which are for the south-eastern continent that I am currently calling Kairuel (better suggestions welcome, but we haven't even named the other continents yet, so it doesn't really matter). I decided to use the south-eastern continent instead of the Eastern Continent so that it wouldn't interfere any with Rhisiart's or Torlax's plans for the Eastern Continent.

This is just a preliminary map for now and subject to change. I still haven't detailed the nearby islands, but I intend to leave them be anyway, so that others can visit the islands and make up whatever details and civilizations are on them. The Frozen Isle is the only island I named, but that's it. I still haven't come up with the details of all the terrain or the civilizations, but I have come up with a little detail so far. I was planning on making two rival oriental-style civilizations living on the south-eastern continent, and three small medieval civilizations. One oriental civilization resides in the mid-western part of Kairuel, living on the Golden Coast, the western Alabaster Plains, and in the Graye Peaks and Fogwood. The other oriental civilization resides on the Bronze Coast, the northern Alabaster Plains, and in the Greenspire Mountains. Duskwood is a massive forest, about 2-3 times larger than Deepshadow, and populated with many sylvan creatures, primarily elves; it is also sentient, like Yavimaya. Rainwood is a tropical jungle at the equator, and is populated by wild elves. Hawkwood is actually just a field of stumps and fallen, dead trees, as it was recently cut down for lumber by a nearby human kingdom; forest spirits still haunt the recently destroyed forest. Fogwood is a mysterious forest, constantly filled with fog from the nearby Prism Lake, with the Graye Peaks mountains keeping the moisture trapped in Fogwood and maintaining the perpetual fog. The Emerald Hills are the domain of a small, budding medieval human kingdom, who are the ones who chopped down Hawkwood. The Frigid Plains are a barren, snowy land, home to a small clan of barbarians. Crystal Fields is a beautiful savannah, where the grass has an odd sheen to it that makes it shine and sparkle in the sun, and is home to a small band of nomadic humans. The Greenspire Mountains are a small mountain range with lots of vegetation due to their being somewhat small mountains and being at the equator. The Skyreach Mountains are a large and far-stretching mountain range that is known by the locals as having the tallest mountains in the world, and this mountain range reaches from the mid-eastern edge of the south-eastern continent to the central regions of the eastern continent. I haven't named the nearby seas, bays and oceans yet.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm going to try and come up with a way to reveal the presence of Kairuel/the south-eastern continent to the people of mainland Phaema and a storyline to go with it, over the next few weeks. It'll probably be after Rhisart's The Eastern King storyline.

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