§hard begins his search anew

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: §hard begins his search anew

By §hard on Monday, August 21, 2000 - 02:54 am:

§hard awoke to the warm and pleasant glow of sunrise, feeling quite rested after his amazingly peaceful and comfortable sleep in the woods. He crawled out of his little tent, stood up, and stretched, yawning. He loved the morning. The world always looked so much more pleasing, innocent, and colorful in the morning. Night was a horrible blackness with only the cold, monochrome glow of the moon, an unnatural quiet (or the annoying, incessant chirping of crickets), and filled with prowling beasts. And the ground was always so hard and uncomfortable to sleep on, but luckily §hard had recently bought a small blanket to sleep on that cushioned the ground a little.

§hard put the blanket in his backpack and strapped the small tent onto the backpack, then started to walk through the forest, still a little sleepy. He was pretty sure there was a village nearby, just a few hours' walk away, so started to go in its' general direction.


After a few hours, he could hear the sounds of the village nearby, a little further north from the sound of it. He changed his course and walked towards the sounds of the village. Another five minutes later and he found it. There were people selling their wares in the marketplace and people going about, carrying their goods to and from the marketplace. Kids played on the grass, wrestling, playing tag, and other games. People sat on their porches and chatted, smiths began to hammer out their wares. It was a little larger and busier than he had thought; it must have grown over the past two or three years. A few people eyed him suspiciously as he entered the village, noticing the sheathed sword at his back.

He walked into the marketplace and looked around for some food vendors. He was tired of having to waste his sword's mana tossing little fireballs at game in order to eat. He found a vendor advertising his fresh apples, pears, and other fruits. §hard walked up to the booth and asked "Excuse me sir, but how much would it cost me for, say, half a dozen apples, and two pears?"

The vendor glanced at the sword on §hard's back, then replied "Three silver, sir...if you don't have a problem with that..."

§hard pulled a few coins from his tiny money pouch and handed them to the man, thinking that he would have to get some work soon if was going to be buying any more supplies after today. "Of course not sir... And I assure you, my blade is only for protection...travelling for days in the wilderness isn't safe, ya know..." he added.

The vendor handed him a small sack with his purchase in it, then §hard left the booth to look for another. He needed to refill his two waterskins, since there isn't a river or lake nearby. He looked around and found the town well, then set about filling his two canteens. After that he went back to the marketplace to get a few miscellaneous things. After restocking his supplies for another week of travel, he walked up to a man that looked to be a guard, and asked him where the nearest town to the north or east was. The guard told him that one of the nearest towns is a few days' walk to the east, and told him to be on his way; the townspeople apparently didn't like strangers with weapons walking about in their village. So §hard began to walk off in the direction of the town the guard mentioned.

As he got further and further from the village, he began to think, 'Dang, I really need to get a horse... I travel way too much, and my feet are starting to get sore after only an hour's worth of walking... I think I'll look into getting a steed when I reach the next village.'

The next day, just before continuing his walk to the village, he remembered his quest...he almost forgot about it over the past two weeks, being so focused on just getting the next village, resting and resupplying, then leaving again. He had to continue his quest soon, hunt down /\/ecronis, and kill the vile necromancer. He owed it to his friends and all the others who had died because of the necromancer, to those whose graves /\/ecronis had desicrated and pillaged for corpses to add to his undead army, and to himself, for his death at the hands of /\/ecronis. And his quest was the only reason the mysterious being called Myste had ressurected him, sent him to train with master warriors, and had given §hard his mystic blade.

However, he couldn't hunt down and slay /\/ecronis if he starved to death first, or if he tried to track /\/ecronis on foot....no, /\/ecronis surely uses magic to wisk him from location to location, so §hard could probably never reach him on foot... First, §hard would buy himself a horse, then, he'd go and earn enough money to last him for a few months, and then he would be able to continue his quest.

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
§hard, Sword Mage
/\/ecronis, Lord of the Undead, 2nd-in-cmd, Many Shadows
Traug, Troll Mage

By Stiles on Wednesday, August 23, 2000 - 04:15 am:

Personally, I would say the following, but not that anyone cares:

3 silvers is quite a bit for a dozen apples and two pears, but it depends from village to village.

To get enough food to last three extra months he'd have to get paid vacation (yeah, right) or a really good job and about a year of working time. Nobody earns double how much they need except for the really rich.

What's a sword mage? And is the Lord of Undead Necronis or Ivonis?

Not that anyone cares, but still. Oh well.

BTW I'm starting school soon so I might not finish GBS 4 for a while. I'll find some time. I hope.

By Ravyson on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 03:14 am:

God, you haven't started school yet? That's not fair, my school started two weeks ago.

By Stiles on Tuesday, August 29, 2000 - 06:55 am:

Now I have... :-(

By /\/\ist Phantom on Wednesday, August 30, 2000 - 05:20 am:

OK, some answers, now that the mill's working properly again.

1st... Hahahahah, I've already graduated from high school and don't start college for another year...hahaha..hahahah...haha... :)

2nd... I wasn't sure about the price, I didn't have my AD&D stuff at hand to have a better idea of how much it would cost. Besides, §hard's a generous person.

3rd... §hard had previously taken his life's savings with him when heading for Dantimos, until he was killed by /\/ecronis...when he was ressurrected, he possessed all of the stuff that was on him when he died, which included that money...he's also been spending the past year or so doing work for people to pay for his meals so that he could conserve money, but now he's starting to run out...

4th... Sword Magi are a 'class' of warrior-mages from another plane, where §hard trained for a while...he had joined the guild of the Sword Magi that were legendary on that plane, trained with them for many years, and was given his spellsword there. When he was returned to Phaema by the same being that had taken him to that other plane earlier, he was brought back to a mere year after his death, despite having spent around a decade training in another place. It's detailed in his history/background at the Phaeman Assistance Library. I believe all of my characters are from the fifth age, give or take an age. Anyway, a Sword Mage is a warrior trained as a master swordsman and, if they pass the final test of initiation, they are awarded with the right to use the guild's tools, forge, etc., to forge themselves a sword, which is then enchanted by the guildmaster and then returned to them. The spellswords are incrediably durable and do not rust, bend, dull, nick, or break, at least not from mundane(non-magical) forces. Each sword is enchanted with a number of triggered spells; each spell is linked to a precious gem embedded in the blade, and when the Sword Mage touches the gem, it triggers the spell. The spellswords hold a limited charge of mana, and recharge slowly when not in use. Shard's spellsword is a large claymore/greatsword, and possesses five spell-gems with only minor spells held in them. §hard had to end his training in the guild about half a decade too early to complete it, so he only achieved an average rank and only worthy of a few moderately powerful spells in his sword. Whew. :)

And I don't understand what your last question was. /\/ecronis (or Necronis) is the self-proclaimed Lord of Undead. I don't know who Ivonis is, unless you were confused by the /\/ in Necronis' name.

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