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By Cloak of Confusion, the Spook (Cloak) on Monday, August 21, 2000 - 11:13 pm:

(Civil War/A lost cause)

OOC: Sorry all, I just HAD to write about the following. Disregard it if you wish.

It may never be known when the rumors started, or who started them, but the people of the world came to divide themselves. Some united under Rakso, some under Toaster, and there were those under Elrohir, Shadow, and Serra, even a remote few under the Necromancer who called himself Urzan, who promptly denied them and ojined another clan. The people started putting letters of spam all over the world - You couldn't make a decent week's journey without hearing of rebels burning villages in the name of the Rumor Clan, or those from the Rules Clan scaring them off and attempting to restore peace, or even occasionally, a messanger claiming to be from the gods! "When will this madness end?" quoted Urzan, quitely pondering how he ever got into this mess, as he continued about his travels south in a vague attempt to find a nice place to seettle down.

OOC: The following is a real post, though (The above might be, but you might just want to disregard it)

Now, as Urzan was walking along the shoreline, he came across an odd looking piece of driftwood. Upon closer examination, he found scrolls carved into its sides. He read: "He who finds this tiding from the gods has most obviousley lost his way. Let ye become studious in his ways; though art meant to be a scholar and sorcerer, and a silent 'defender of peace' and 'opponent of chaos'. Thou art now commanded to go back to the castle where you came from, and study in the library. Go!" Urzan thought for a moment, and as if reading his mind, the piece of wood alit in his hands, a minor miracle considering how wet it was. Urzan immediatley dropped it for fear of being burnt, waited until it was reduced to ashes, and then turned around and headed north.


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