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Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: In the tunnels... (RBS)

By Jerreck on Monday, October 02, 2000 - 03:45 pm:

Whatever these white furred beasts were, they were not
here to strike up a pleasant conversation. Four muscle
ridden creatures snarled viscously at Jerreck, as he stood
up, freeing his mace from his belt. He thanked his lucky
star that he had strapped on his shield before continuing
deeper into the tunnels. He would definately need it now.

The largest yeti bared its thick, yellow fangs as it
advanced towards the surrounded human. The yetis did
not usually encounter humans foolish enough to venture
these lands, but it had happened. However, this was the
first time a human had acted like this. Instead of
trying to run, this one simply awaited them as his skin
crackled and froze into a darker shade of brown. And its
feet didn't touch the ground! No matter, its flesh would
be just as warm and red as that of all the others had
been. He swung his mighty paw that had killed so many

And was struck square in the chest with a stunning smash.

A whirling mass of metal and muscles, Jerreck easily
avoided the slower yeti. Combining and repeating the
patterns of air and earth, he managed to avoid or shield
block their mighty swings, while he could land a few
hits here and there. Mostly light jabs, but when he saw an opening
he would land a mighty strike to send his enemies
backwards. This way he could always make sure to have one
side free, and it worked most of the time. Not a minute
later, four bludgeoned yeti lay crushed on red snow.
Standing over them, breathing heavily, was Jerreck.
Several cuts and rakes had struck home, and he knew he
would need to tend to his numerous flesh wounds soon.

Jerreck knelt by his fallen enemies and spent a minute of
silence. He did not like disturbing things here. There
were few places in the world as hostile and remote as this
one, and he had great respect for any creatures living at
a place like this. He regretted that he'd had to kill them.

"Sleep well, children of the wild", he muttered in conclusion
before he brought himself up, took some snow to wipe his
bloody face with, and went back into the tunnels.


Liander sat in silence with his eyes closed. He had lied
to Beliana, and he felt horrible.

On the other hand, he could not just look on as she killed
Reeven in cold blood. Sure, the archer had shot him in the
leg and he would let him know it once he "woke up", but from
that to... killing the poor man?

So he had lied. Of course he knew no spells to put people
to sleep. He was an adept of fire, warmth and light. Daenth
had been a strict teacher. "Leave those mindboggler spells
for illusionists and other charlatans"
, the old man had
taught. A man would do no good for his village by manipulating
heads. But one who wielded the energies of fire was always

Silently, he was relieved that Reeven had caught on to his
trick. He had been awake as they had argued over him, and
as Liander had started his arcane mutterings, he hoped that
Reeven would play along.

He had.

Liander's thoughts drifted to Beliana. This... woman! He felt for
her, he could not help it. More than he could ever have felt for
the farmer girls in old Serdham. She affected his feelings so
much that it affected his spell casting. Usually not in a bad
way, other than the embarrasment it sometimes brought him. He
cared a lot her, he decided. She had always looked out for him,
shielded him from danger, and likewise respected his talents and
made him feel like the young man he was when he got to fire off
a bolt of fire to cover her back. They made a good team.

And now this. Why did she talk about people not liking her?
Wanting to kill her? What was she afraid of? This was just a
stupid accident, and she had gone totally beyond anything he'd
ever seen her like before. He felt bad about fooling her, but
something deep in his guts told him that she would have killed
Reeven if he hadn't.

He felt a hand sneaking into his. Eyes still closed, he took it.

By Ravyson on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 - 04:32 am:

OOC: Disregard that last post I made in Ice. And is anyone but me and Jerreck actually writing anymore?
The cold air bit at Ravyson as he walked back to the central cavern. He held his blade out in front of him, for the warmth it offered and the light. Walking down the tunnel, he thought about everything that had happened to him in the year since he had met Jerreck and Shara.Hearing footsteps fall rythymically, he began to float faster down the tunnel.

Jerreck saw the main cavern ahead. He wondered where the other three tunnels had gone. Seeing a light flicker ahead, he readied his mace in case he had to do battle again. Stepping out into the main area, he saw Ravyson high above, sword in hand. "Having fun up there?"

Ravyson dropped. "Sorry. Thought you were something nasty. Which looks like it already found you."

Jerreck wiped the blood of the yetis off his face. "A few yetis tried to kill me. Shame to kill those creatures though. Anyway, how was your tunnel?"

"Dead end. You?"

"It lead outside. So now we have to follow the other tunnels. You take Shara and Liander's, I'll take Reeven and Beliana's." They parted, following the paths of their comrades.


Reeven was getting cold lying in the snowbank. He knew he had to pretend to be unconcious in order to trick the angry woman. Finally, he looked up. "Where the hell am I?"

Liander pulled him up. "You were knocked out by something. You fired at it and accidentally hit me. Then the thing knocked you back. We scared it off with fire, and hopefully it won't be back."

"I missed? Sorry, man. No real harm done, I hope? You aren't in any pain 'cause of that, are you?"

Liander lied, "No, I just pulled it out. No big deal." He knew that Beliana would get angry again if she knew that it had really hurt him.

"That's good. You all right, Beliana?"

"I'm great." The two men could both tell she was lying through her teeth.

"That took a lot out of me. Can we just sit here for a while and warm up?" Reeven shivered through his soaked clothes.

"Sure." Liander pointed his hand towards the cold ground. "Ignus incite!" A flame magically emerged from the ground. "As long as I can pump a little mana into it, it'll last."

The three sat down and warmed themselves, wondering how the others were faring.

By Traug on Friday, October 06, 2000 - 03:26 am:

Traug thought he had seen Ravyson jump into a hole in the ground with his sword on fire, and wondered what had happened. There had been some loud shrieking noises a few moments ago, and Traug tried to run towards them to see what was happening since he had fallen behind earlier. But he stumbled about in the snow in typical, clumsy troll fashion, and didn't get there until Ravyson jumped in. Traug didn't like the cold here. It made his teeth ache and chatter. It was nothing like his home in the warm, comfortable valley...

He shook off thoughts of home and warmth and trudged through the snow to the large hole. It was deep and dark. Traug spent a dozen or so minutes thinking hard on how to get down, pacing around in the snow. Being rather absent-minded and dim-witted like most trolls, he didn't even notice right away when he paced right into the hole.

When he felt the air rushing up and everything darken, he realized that he was falling and desperately tried to flap his arms and fly. After a few moments of this, he realized that he didn't have wings and instead tried to summon up a gust of wind upwards to slow him down. It didn't help much.


When he woke up, Traug noticed that he ached all over and that he must have reached the bottom already. He mumbled out a regeneration spell and then decided to take a little nap while he waited...

After a little nap, he woke up, mostly healed. He got up and looked around. He could see four passages. He thought a little and then closed his eyes and started to run around in a small circle until he lost his balanced and fell. He waited for the world to stop spinning and then looked to see where he was facing. Then he got up and headed down that corridor.


After a little walking, he came to a fork. This time he just tossed his stave into the air and looked to see which direction it pointed in. He picked it up and followed that corridor for a while. While he walked he conjured up a torch and continued on. Shortly afterwards he smelled something up ahead, and called out, "Hey!! Helloooo! Traug is back! Where is you!?"

After a little bit more walking he found Shara coming towards him. He was happy to find one of his traveling companions and ran up to her to give a big bear hug. She gasped until he let go, then sputtered out, "Hi there Traug...*cough, wheeze*...Eh, did you see the others?"

Traug was confused and asked "Huh? Traug not see anyone but Shara. Isn't other peoples with you?"

Shara sighed and told him what had happened up until they had split up. She had walked along this corridor for a while, but it seemed to wind on forever. She had sat down to think for a little bit before going further, and then she had heard the troll's call and headed back a ways to see if he had come with the others or not. Her and Traug both sat down again for a moment to figure out whether they should continue down the passage or turn back and see if the others had returned to the entrance.

(ooc: Sorry I was a bit busy in the last two or three weeks and had forgotten to check back here until yesterday, and that was just before I went to bed, so I decided to wait 'till today to post again. I think my writing's suffered a bit from my long pause between this post and my last few a few weeks ago, and the long 3-month or so pause before that where the mill was gathering dust. I can't much tell though since I've never been very good at writing... :) I'm still struggling to get used to it and to get better at it, but the only writing I do is on the mill, so I don't get much practice. Eh....anyway, on with the RBS... End ooc.)

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
Traug, etc.

By Shadow (Shadow) on Sunday, October 15, 2000 - 05:29 pm:

"never been very good at writing"?
nonsense. your writing is fine.

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