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By Ravyson on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 - 03:08 am:

Ravyson walked in silence. The warrior thought about his presence in the tunnels. He had been through a lot with Jerreck and Shara since Ravyson had shown up hovering above Jerreck's camp one night. Now only he and Shara remained in the group that Jerreck had began in his quest.

Reeven, Beliana, and Liander sat by the fire. The cold had been warded away, and no one wanted to leae the toasty area. Liander rubbed his leg and tried to heal it through concentrating the heat of his body into his leg. Ravyson walked into the cavernous area. "Warm enough?"

Everyone looked up at him. Reeven was the first to speak. "Ravyson, man! Doing well? We're just trying to dry off and recuperate a little. Yourself?"

"Trying to find the end of these tunnels. Jerreck found his way outside and I got a dead end. Come on, there's no time to waste sitting down. Up!"

The three stood up and brushed themselves off. Leaving their warm berth, they walked down the corridor.


Shara and Traug stood up. She heard steps coming their way. "Hey! Anyone there?" Shara shouted down the tunnel.

"Shara? It's Ravyson, Reeven, Beliana, and Liander! You seen Jerreck?"

"No, but Traug found me. Do the tunnels come together?"

"The forked one does. I'm not sure about the other one."

"Actually, it does." Jerreck walked up behind the four adventurers. "I just followed your voices." Shara and Traug ran up to the newly-reunited party. "Looks like this is the way to go."

The seven people kept walking further down the tunnel. Reeven walked on the other side of the party from Beliana. He did not want to get anywhere near that lunatic woman. His thoughts were cut short as they entered a huge cavern. "End of the road, folks." Reeven summed up their subterrainian journey in a single sentence. "Especially with that freakin' dragon over there."

This one was definately a dragon, several times larger than the drake they had encountered outside. It looked up, having intruders in its home. Its wings spread to their full terrifying length, and it opened it mouth filled with ice.

By Jerreck on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 - 04:00 pm:

Jerreck motioned for the others to stand very still. The dragon
lifted its head high above the ground, giving off a low, hissing
sound. Standing in the front, Jerreck held his shield in a firm
grip. Quietly he whispered to the others, "Back off, very very


Okay, i have no idea how or if we're supposed to kill a dragon,
so i'll leave this for Ravyson or/and Torlax. If this indeed is
a dragon such as those he has dealt with, the way Jerreck sees
it, we're dead. :)

By Ravyson on Friday, October 20, 2000 - 02:50 am:

The party moved backwards. Jerreck knew more about dragons than the rest of them combined, and if he said to back away, they should. They stopped moving as the dragon lifted up on its wings. Looking with its feral blue eyes, it searched for the intruders in its home.

Ravyson tapped Jerreck on the shoulder. Looking over at what Ravyson was pointing at, he saw the sword Frostbite lying in the snow behind the great dragon. "If we can distract it, can you get the sword?"

"I think so."

"Good. We only get one chance. Liander, Beliana, go over there and back me up with spells. Traug, you go that way. Shara and Reeven, stay with Jerreck. He'll tell you what to do to retrieve the sword."

Ravyson flew towards the dragon, his sword leaving a trail of fire behind him. The three spellcasters ran to their positions and began to prepare for battle.

The dragon saw the bright flame as it traveled towards it. Moving one of his wings, he blew a powerful burst of air that dissiapated the spell casted by Beliana. It opened its mouth and shot a ball of ice at the source of the offending spell. The sphere shattered as it struck the wall of fire quickly built up around the pair.

Traug threw a gust of wind at the dragon. It failed to move it. Looking at the new offender, it flapped its wings to produce its own wind which blew Traug into a wall, knocking the troll unconcious. Looking back toward the pair of casters, it gathered ice into its mouth and blew outwards.

From behind the firewall, Beliana and Liander prepared another spell. The wall was giving way to the balls of ice being hurled at it. It wouldn't be able to take much more.

The dragon charged up for one final shot that would destroy the wall. A giant sphere of ice appeared in its mouth, enough to annihalate the wall even if it was at full strength. The dragon spit the ball at the firewall.

Appearing in front of the wall that protected Liander and Beliana was Ravyson. He slahed his sword down viciously, knocking the iceball away from its target. Taking the offensive, the flying man flew towards the dragon.

Blinking its eyes, the dragon looked puzzled as it faced something it had never seen before. The ferocity on the flying man was unmatched to anything it had seen beforehand. No matter, he would die. Slahing with a powerful talon, it narrowly missed Ravyson.

Watching Ravyson come closer and closer to being killed, Jerreck grabed Reeven's arm. "You're the fastest one here. Go get that sword. Shara, you and I will distract it so it doesn't kill Ravyson."

Running out, Reeven ran past the dragon towards the sword. Jerreck followed him, but stopped as he reached the dragon. Leaping up, the warrior landed on top of the dragon's back, slamming his mace into it as he landed. Electricity raced through the body of the ice dragon as the mace connected. The beast roared in pain.

Reeven neared the Frostbite. A few more steps and it would be theirs. Just as he reached it, the tail of the dragon shoved itself through his chest. Looking down, the archer passed out as the dragon lifted him up. Ravyson flew towards his new friend, currently hanging off the back of a dragon's tail. Raising his sword, he cut at the tail of the dragon, fire cutting the ice.

The gash in its tail reformed back into ice. The dragon lashed out with his tail, throwing Reeven against a far wall, bleeding as he came down. Shara ran to him and pulled him into the protective wall that Liander and Beliana had crafted.

Jerreck hit the dragon repeatadly, the lightning mace causing it to writhe in pain. Ravyson looked down. The Frostbite was there, within his grasp. As he dropped to the ground, the dragon turned and knocked Jerreck off of his back. On the ground, Jereck closed his eyes as the powerful talons went down towards him.

Ravyson wrapped his fingers around the Frostbite. The second he touched it, the dragon stopped moving. Slowly, it dissiapated into ice. Jerreck opened his eyes to see an ice storm emanating from the Frostbite. The ice dragon melted, leaving in its place merely a blue gem. Picking it up, Ravyson placed it in its place at the hilt of the sword.

Pressing the gem with his finger, another ice storm began. This time, however, the dragon reformed. Jerreck leapt up, ready to do battle. The ice dragon merely looked at him. The monster opened its mouth. "You have found my power. You are now my master, you who owns the sword." The deep voice emanated through the cavern. It then dissiapated back into a mist that formed itself back as the gem in the hilt of the Frostbite.

The party looked around. Reeven needed immidiate help. Traug was knocked out. Liander and Beliana had passed out from exhaustion. Jerreck was bruised from his fall. Ravyson was cut from swipes that had come too close. Shara was the only one who was unhurt.

"You have done well. You deserve the sword, and its protector. Now come, we will take you to the next part of your journey." The Weavers led them to a portal. "You will return to our home, where you will be healed." The party stepped through the portal.

OOC: There we go. Someone care to go the next leg? Was this a realistic account, Jerreck?

By Jerreck on Friday, October 20, 2000 - 02:53 pm:

OOC: Seems ok to me, Ravyson! I can of course not claim to
be the ruler of how strong dragons should be on Phaema, so
this post is probably fine. In Jerreck's home world, dragons
are considered the very first namegivers, tend to be kind
of god-like, and usually stay out of the affairs of mortals.

Oh, just a minor detail though. Beliana is a fighter, not
a spellcaster. :) She just tends to stay close to Liander to
protect him when he casts his spells. Also, Liander did
enchant Ravyson's sword with fire, but it's not a permanent
enchantment. Most likely the fire should have dissipated by
now. To permanently enchant the weapon, Liander needs a lot
more experience and probably a laboratory. :)

Great post!


"I'm getting too old for this", Jerreck muttered as he picked
himself off the floor. His back had taken quite the blow as
he had landed on the ground before the dragon. Right at that
moment he hadn't reflected much over the searing pain, though,
as the beast before him had just prepared to extinguish his
flame, so to speak.

The front figure of the Weavers, a tall man with a well cropped
black beard, made some gestures in the air, and soon reality
shifted. A few moments of disorientation, and then Jerreck and
the others found themselves in the Weaver halls once again.

Things had went well so far. They had the sword, nobody had died,
provided that Reeven lived, and Traug had found his way back to
the group. Jerreck had never asked him what had kept the good
hearted troll away from them, but he figured that was Traug's
own business. And, as it seemed, Ravyson had a portable dragon to
call upon should need arise. Handy. Almost too handy.

From own close and personal experience, Jerreck knew never to
trust a dragon. In Phaema he had encountered two of them, one
corrupted by the horror Ristul, the other seemingly a benevolent
one that had removed much of the mind blocked Jerreck had lived
with during his first year in this land.

Icewing was... quite different from both of them. Aloof, was a
word that came to mind. When you spoke to him you watched your
tongue. Dearly. He had once raised Jerreck from the dead, only
to have him serve him for an indefinite time thereafter. Icewing
had his own agenda, and Jerreck suspected the other dragons of
Barsaive did too. Earthroot and Mountainshadow he had met. How
many others were there? Were they aware of their cousins in this
land? Probably. What plans did this one nurture? Strangely enough,
it had seemed more... primitive than the dragons of his homeland.
Of course, the same could be said of the whole culture up here
in the northern wastes.

As they were assigned rooms and beds, Jerreck quietly picked a
corner and settled in between the blankets. Soon after he was

By Traug on Friday, October 20, 2000 - 04:44 pm:

Fooey, Traug didn't get to do anything....
I just got a new job and I'm working 8 hours a day now, so I haven't had the chance to check in for a few days....shoot. I'll check in more often now though, since things seemed to have picked up again this week.

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
Traug, Troll Mage

By Torlax ooc on Saturday, October 21, 2000 - 06:54 am:

Excellently done to all involved. I was sorta hoping to see Shara show up again and get involved but it appears she too is MIA.

Okay, it's far too late for coherent thought right now, so tomorrow night I'll send you on your merry way to the final leg of this incredibly long and tangled journey: Apyrel's home plane.


By Ravyson on Sunday, October 22, 2000 - 03:18 am:

No, I decided to make the dragon, who is not named yet, to be kind of Charizard before his taming. Not quite as bad, but a bit wilder than the average pet. And it's also going to be part of a storyline after this is over.

By Jerreck on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 10:24 am:

Traug: The more you post, the more stuff you get to do. :) Good to know you're still with us. :)

Torlax: I'm not sure what's up with Shara... but i don't think we should expect a lot of posting from her. Looking forward to the last leg of the quest!

Ravyson: A dragon pet? Hmm...

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