New guy doing a solo hope no probs.

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: New guy doing a solo hope no probs.

By Taka on Wednesday, October 18, 2000 - 10:47 pm:

(OOC NOTE: Few people might recognize my writing, I've posted once or twice.. but I did silly things so thats not happening again, If I somehow stop posting soon, I'm fine if this is completely ignored[doesnt matter anyway] Will just be making a solo storyline because I feel like writing. Trying to follow maps and guildlines and stuff.. but the time system is kinda confusing so I'm leaving that part out)


"COCKADOODLEDOOOOOOOOO"(or something to that effect) shrieks the extremely odd rooster, waking Takaren from his drunken slumber. As Taka makes his exodus from the barn was sleeping in last night, he realizes that the idiotic rooster spoke up to early; the sun has yet to rise, and the moon is still shining brightly against the deep blackness of the sky.

Taka brushes the straw off his back and tosses asside the empty bottle of cheap liquor. He remembers painfully that he can't afford to drink, or sleep in anything more than a nearly blind farmer's barn.

"Gods damn!" exclaims Taka, "Why can't I ever remember about the headaches I get BEFORE I start drinking."

He looks toward the village which lies just west of the small farm, and decides against returning to his childhood home, where he is now a fugitive.
"A disgrace to our family name! I knew you would never amount to anything worth more than a piece of cow shit." Taka retraces the words his father used against him only three weeks ago. In a childish rage as only a seventeen year-old could display, Taka had stolen his father's amulet, a treasured possession of his, and run away.

To his displeasure Taka remembers yet another thing, the town guard has been chasing him, and would not have ventured to far away from his present location. Realizing there is little he can do Taka releases his belt buckle and answers the never waiting call of nature. While ridding himself of his bloods waste, a loud pounding of many hooves thunders across the road behind him. Nearly as soon as he looks back a club strikes him across his head, taking his conciousness with the blow.


"How good of you to join us mister Takaren" says a very cloudy dark shape. "Or are you with us after all?" adds the shape which is now clearing to reveal the captain of the guards.

In response I slowly, painfully nod my throbbing head, which is now hurting both from a hangover, and from the growing bump where I was so rudely clubbed.

"In that case, on the terms that we have captured you, I would request the location of the amulet your father was temporarily keeping safe for the baron?" speaks the captain, in a calm voice, persuading voice.

Finally getting a look at my surroundings I lied, "I think I might have dropped it in the river." I rubbed my head, carefully avoiding that part of my hair that was so carefully keeping the amulet safe.

"Well then, your father has consented to have you forced into slave labor in the salt mines, until of course you decide to tell us the location of where in the stream it might have floated." threatens the captain, a few guards standing around snicker to eachother. "Well that was your last chance." he says after a few moments of my silence, followed by another extrelemely rude clubbing to my head.


To be Continued...

By Taka on Thursday, October 19, 2000 - 07:57 pm:

Short note.. Was really supposed to all be in present tense, but somehow I changed tenses once or twice by accident.. oh well, I'm not getting graded on this... I hope.

By Serra (Serra) on Saturday, November 04, 2000 - 03:00 am:


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