Thoughts on the trail to D'Ner

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Thoughts on the trail to D'Ner

By Shadow (Shadow) on Friday, October 20, 2000 - 07:40 am:

October 31, 794 Talismanian Reckoning
Wagon trail east from Marathon to the D'ner River

Sara lay stonefaced, watching the rear wheels of the wagon kick up clouds of dust on the trail. Bridgett had tried to engage her in conversation, but given up after a few too many mono-syllable responses. It was just as well, for it was a dry season and they wanted to make as few stops as possible. That meant conserving water; conversation is not conducive to the conservation of water. There were six people on this wagon. The trip was going to take at least six days.

John Goldsmith drove the carriage. This kept him occupied, but he had plenty of consciousness left to ponder. He thought about what routes he would take, where they'd stop, what they'd do when they got there, and all the other details of the journey that his family would rely on him to consider. Enough supplies to keep going straight to the D'ner river. Could sleep on the way. Me and Till could keep guard. Restock at Rivertown South, take boat up D'Ner. Meet relatives. Then what. Figure it out later. Sharp turn here. He pulled hard on the reigns

Till stirred, and let the inertia roll him over onto his stomach. He'd been dreaming about the day when he'd take over the family merchant business. He was the eldest son and most of the inheritence would be his. Every day it seemed, more responsibilities. Had to look after the merchandise, the team, mom, the kids

Evan and Lindsey were playing a game, oblivious to the length of the trip ahead of them, easily entertained, as long as they had eachother. What game? Only they knew. Twins are like that. Laughing, giggling, having a good time. Everything is alright as long as they have Till and Dad and Mom

Bridgett was restless. She'd always thrived on conversations with her friends. Of course Till was sleeping; didn't want to wake him. The kids were playing. Shouldn't distract John. Already tried Sara. Couldn't Sara talk? No, Bridgett understood, but that didn't make it bother her any less. Sara could only stay this way for so long, or could she? She's so silent, unexpressive, like she'd died back in Marathon. Like the walking dead

Dead. All dead. All dead. All dead. Gone. Never coming back. Maybe if I keep thinking about it, I'll at least have the memory. So... It cuts through me. I hurt. Hurt. hurt. hurt. There's the sun sinking. It'll set soon. I wonder what the dust look like at night.

Gonna be a long trip. No answers here. Don't ask us. We'll billow up in a cloud to signal each person as they go down the road, but the signal doesn't mean anything, except you're moving. Even ride with them sometimes, but always fall back down eventually. Sure we'll ride along for a way, but we're a quiet passenger. No answers here, but don't turn around, we can say that. Turn around and we'll choke you and peck at your eyes. No turning back now. You'll have to meet whatever waits for you at Rivertown South.

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