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By Solice on Tuesday, November 14, 2000 - 07:43 am:

November 20, 794 - TR

Aerlin and Bringer raced the sun in awkward silence. They were trying to cover some ground quickly; an odd sense of urgency had befallen them this morning. However, the sun was dropping in the horizon, and soon the only light would come from the couple of crimson tendrils grasping for the world's edge and then the light would be gone and they didn't want to ride in the dark and..and..and. Well, you get the point.

Bringer sniffed audibly. He motioned to Aerlin to slow her horse as he had just done. They trotted to a stop.

"What is it?" she queried.

"I think that a storm is coming. We had best find some shelter for the night. She nodded. The storm broke. No normal storm. Surreal blue lightning flashed in the sky and the wind picked up. They led the horses into a nearby pine grove, for lack of anything better.

A shrill cry, "The wind, love." whispered through the air. However, it did not oscillate like the wind's call; the howl grew in intensity. Aerlin would have sworn somebody had died, though no mourner she remembered could achieve this many decibals.

Neon blue lightning struck. Thunder crashed. But it had an odd sound, almost like a missile impacting. And the wailing had stopped.

"Groan." The noise came from a crater in the ground. More groans came, and then a blackened figure rose shakily to its feet.

"Damn! That was my best beard." A short man wearing billowing purple and blue hooded robes tore a large blackened mass of hair from his chin. Threw it to the ground and began rummaging around in his pockets. Eventually he produced a fresh beard, white and fluffy rather than black and charred. He fastened it to his chin.

"Now then. You both look rather familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before? Newsweek? People? Rolling Stone? Nahh. Hmmm. I'm sorry, what century is this?"

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