/\/ecronis Gathers More Power & Makes Plans....

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By /\/ecronis on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 - 12:03 am:

/\/ecronis stepped out of Chesire Castle and into the night. It was twilight and all the creatures of the night were out. /\/ecronis grinned. It was time to visit some of the places from his past and gather new minions. His forces on the Western Continent were decimated, and there were few cemetaries left for him to plunder without getting some unwanted attention from the Dantimosian (spelling?) garrisons. He had lost most of his artifacts and some of his magic power when he had died and arisen as a liche. He would have to gather some new artifacts and learn some new magic. As he walked away from the Castle, it began to shimmer and fade, disappearing again.

He walked through the forest until he came upon the half-eaten corpse of a panther. He smiled and cast a spell upon the corpse, and it arose as his new undead minion. He climbed upon its back and directed it to move. It carried him through the forest much quicker, and soon he was out on the open plains again, the moonlight shining upon him. His jet-black gemstone eye glittered in the moon's glow. /\/ecronis looked about and got his bearings. The first site he must visit was to the west a little further. He told the undead panther to move, and it carried him to the site.

It was a small, ruined stone temple, built in a small clearing. The symbol of some dark god was upon each of its double doors, one broken off and lying on the ground in front of the small stairway. A few fallen pillars lie about the temple, and the left side of the roof had collapsed. It was just as he had remembered it. /\/ecronis dismounted the undead panther and walked up to the temple, entering through the space where the right-side door had fallen off. His gemstone eye gleamed with a greyish light, and /\/ecronis could see fine in the darkness of the temple. He entered the small main hall, looked about, and entered the room to the left.

There was a stone desk with intricate carvings on the front, and the same symbol as was on the doors. Behind the desk was a stone chair, and upon that chair was a few decaying bones. The whole room was filled with cobwebs, and /\/ecronis could see the large spiders crawling around on the webs near the ceiling. The decomposing remains of books, papers, and other scholarly materials were scattered upon the desk. /\/ecronis went around behind the desk and pulled out one of the two drawers, rummaging through the decomposing materials there. He picked up a small bronze amulet with a tiny iron chain looped through the top of it. It had a skull etched into the front of it, surrounded by a ring of bones. On the back was the same symbol from the desk and doors, the emblem of some dark god. /\/ecronis put the amulet into a pocket and left the room.

/\/ecronis crossed the hall and entered the room on the opposite side. It was also full of cobwebs and many small spiders. The walls were covered in stone shelves and bookcases. Many of the tomes were nothing but rotting covers with the pages long-ago turned to dust. A few books were still partially intact, but upon inspection, /\/ecronis found the ink on the pages to be faded, smudged, and illegible. He rummaged through the rotting books until he found the one he wanted. Its cover was bound of the scales of a baby black dragon, and the pages were of human flesh, protected by black magic from decay. There were two hundred pages filled with arcane runes and markings. Upon the front cover small runes carved of a dragon's bones were magically-attached, and they read "The Tome of Galentril" in some language similar to elvish. /\/ecronis grinned and slipped the tome into a pouch at his belt, then exited the room.

There was another room to the left, one more to the right, and one in the back of the small temple. However, the caved-in left-side of the roof blocked entrance to the other left-side room. /\/ecronis went into the other right-side room and looked around. It was a gathering place, with stone benches in a circle around a man-sized statue in the center of the room. The statue had partially fallen apart, with some of its limbs lying on the ground around it. It was of some strange, horrific beast, and carved of obsidian. There were the remains of a few more priests upon some of the benches, nothing more than a few decaying bones and pieces of clothing and jewelry. /\/ecronis walked up to the statue and examined it. He then proceeded to kick it with all his strength. The thing toppled, not being attached to the ground and just sitting atop a small pedastal. It cracked and broke into pieces upon striking the ground. A large, blood-red gem glimmered within a cavity of the shattered statue. /\/ecronis picked up the gem and held it up to examine it. It glowed with an unholy red light. He was pleased. He pocketed it and left the room.

As /\/ecronis stepped out of the room, the eyes of the shattered statue began to glow with a red light. The thing was animated by some ancient magic and the broken pieces of it began to roll, crawl, and hop toward the still-intact torso. They merged together, magic binding the broken pieces like glue. The bestial golem-like creature arose and snarled at /\/ecronis. The necromancer spun around just as the thing pounced on him. He fell hard and realized that the creature must be a guardian beast of some sort. He snarled back at the beast and recited an incantation. A black bolt of force shot forth from his gemstone eye and knocked the creature off of him. /\/ecronis got up and watched the creature leap back to its feet and give out a bestial roar. It opened its toothy maw and a gout of black flames burst forth. /\/ecronis leaped aside and then rushed out of the temple. The creature roared again and began to lope after him. Luckily it wasn't very fast or agile.

He summoned up some black mana and began a low, guttoral chant. Just as the guardian beast exited the temple and roared at the necromancer again, a hellish flame burst forth from the ground to the left of /\/ecronis. The flames took on a vaguely-humanoid shape and solidified. The minor demon turned its gaze towards the necromancer, and /\/ecronis sent a mental command to it. It growled at him and then faced the guardian beast. The beast charged /\/ecronis then, and the minor demon leapt in its way, the two toppling over. They grappled on the ground until the demon tossed the stone beast off to the side. Both got up and snarled. The stone beast breathed a gout of black flame at the demon, and it retaliated with a hellish fireball. The stone beast's obsidian body melted slightly, and it grew angry. It charged the demon and battered it with its many fists. The demon grabbed two of the beasts arms and pulled hard, ripping the limbs off. The beast snarled, and glared at the demon. Twin beams of ruby light shot forth from the creature's eyes, scathing the demon. It proceeded to club the guardian beast with the arms it had torn off. /\/ecronis grinned, and began a series of arcane gestures, followed by a short incantation. The guardian beast glowed yellow momentarily, then began to slowly crumble. It fought on with the demon, until it had crumbled to dust. The detached limbs also proceeded to crumble and the demon turned to face the necromancer again. /\/ecronis then unleashed a greyish ray of energy upon the demon, and it struggled to resist the power of the ray, but ultimately failed. It burst into flames again, and returned to its hellish domain.

/\/ecronis then returned to the temple to examine the last two rooms. He called the undead panther to him, and together the moved some of the rubble of the collapsed roof off to the side. /\/ecronis entered the room, and found more rubble covering it. He found a yellow-white stick amid the rubble. Just what he was looking for. He pulled it out and a skeletal hand came up with it, still grasping it. The necromancer pulled the hand off and tossed it to the side. The stick was a large staff, about six feet tall and carved of bone. Upon one end was a milky-black, quartz-like crystal orb. The other end was carved into a sharp piercing point, with many small spines about half a foot from the tip. /\/ecronis strapped the staff to his back with a special addition he had made to the back of his vest. He then left the room to check out the main room in the back of the temple.

This room was about three times the size of the others, and was where the priests had prayed and made their sacrifices. Near the middle of the back wall was an obsidian altar, with many runes and scenes etched upon it. Many benches filled the rest of the room. There were decaying corpses lying about in here, also. /\/ecronis walked up to the altar and slapped a spot on the side of the altar. The hidden button caused part of the front end of the altar to open up, revealing a bundle of scrolls within. /\/ecronis took these and put them in a scroll case he had attached to his belt. Then he left the temple and hopped upon the back of the undead panther, setting off to visit the other sites he needed to.

(OOC: I don't have time right now to finish this, so I'll respond to it tommorow or something with a continuation. End OOC.)

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/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage
§hard, Sword Mage

By /\/ecronis on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 12:40 am:

It took a few days for /\/ecronis to reach the next location, as it was much closer to civilization and not out in the wilds. He came upon the ruins of a small town, long destroyed. He continued through the town until he reached the cemetary. Then he dismounted his zombie-panther mount and proceeded through the open gate. He walked past several gravestones and a few small mausoleums. Then he came to the far end of the graveyard where a large mausoleum stood, the moonlight casting its shadow over /\/ecronis.

As he appoached the mausoleum, several hands shot up from the ground around him and grasped at his legs. /\/ecronis leapt up with supernatural strength and glared down at the zombies rising beneath him. His jet-black gemstone eye gleamed, flickered, and crackled with dark power, and flashed as black lightning burst forth from it and cascaded down upon the zombies' rotting flesh. They moaned loudly and flailed as the lightning seeped into their tortured souls, bending them to the will of the necromancer. He landed on the ground gracefully and glanced about, seeing more zombies and some skeletons rising up from their graves and coming at him. He gave out a bestial roar and extended his arms to both sides, black lightning pouring forth from them and leaping from zombie to zombie, skeleton to skeleton, enslaving them to his will.

As the magical lightning dissipated, a shadowy form stepped out from the large mausoleum, shouting its defiance to the necromancer. /\/ecronis looked at the skeletal creature before him and his still-normal eye gleamed with anger. The skeletal creature's eyes shone with a red light and it growled, then shouted "Who dares to enter my home and defy me by stealing my minions?!?" Then the liche raised its hand and a storm cloud rapidly formed overhead, then lightning began to burst forth from it and strike at the necromancer.
/\/ecronis just stood there, his body shaking violently from the lightning bolts. The liche began cackle at its easy victory, until the lightning ended and the storm cloud dissipated.

/\/ecronis yet stood, smoking but otherwise unscathed. The liche stopped at glared at the necromancer. /\/ecronis flashed a feral grin at the liche and his eyes both glimmered blood-red. He broke into his own demonic cackle and the liche began to growl in anger again, extending a hand towards the necromancer and began to conjure a fireball. /\/ecronis ceased his laughter and reached into a pocket, clutching the blood-red gemstone he had taken from the decrepit temple he visited days ago. He extended the other hand towards the liche as it launched its fireball, and the necromancer unleashed a quick pulse of burning red energy that consumed the fireball, negating it in a puff of smoke. /\/ecronis withdrew his hands and crossed his arms, smiling at the liche as he spoke. "You foolish sack of bones! I am /\/ecronis, Lord Of All Undead, and your meager power is NOTHING compared to mine own!! You cannot oppose me! See how your minions betray and defy you, bowing before me like loyal dogs! Your meager will cannot hope to break them free from my hold. And you cannot even fathom the futility of defying one such as myself! Your sorcery is just a bunch of mere cantrips and flashy displays of light and sound! Now you shall bow before your great master like all of Phaema is destined to, or you shall perish!!!" the necromancer roared.

And with that, /\/ecronis lifted an arm and made a gesture as if crushing something with his hand. The liche howled in defiance one more time and rasied both hands in a series of arcane gestures. Yellow power flashed and flared about his hands as he raised both arms to the sky, and then brought them down again, hurling a ball of crackling yellow and red energy at the necromancer. Just as it was doing this, it felt something grasp at his soul and squeeze it as if trying to strangle the liche. /\/ecronis sneered and batted the ball of energy away with his free hand, crackling with black, blue, and violet power of its own. The globe of energy exploded upon impacting a gravestone, engulfing it and several others, including a few zombies and part of the cemetary's fence. When it faded away, all it had touched was gone, disintegrated.

/\/ecronis snarled and glared at the liche, while it clutched at its throat and made some grinding, gurgling noise. The necromancer's onyx eye gleamed and crackled with black power and the liche glimmered with a violet aura. It gave out a long, tortured howl and then collapsed, the aura fading away. /\/ecronis lowered his arm and smiled, looking down at the liche. The zombies and skeletons stood motionless, awaiting a command from the necromancer who had mastered them. Moments later, the liche arose, the red pinpoints of light that were its eyes becoming a dull, flickering violet, and didn't glow with quite the same burning intensity as they had before. It rose up and looked upon the necromancer for a moment, then dropped to one knee and kneeled before /\/ecronis. The zombies and skeletons followed suit. The necromancer gave out a long, mad, demonic cackle that could be heard for miles. People in the nearest villages wondered if there was a storm coming or something and some were awoken from their beds, wondering what the strange rumbling noise was.

/\/ecronis walked away from the ruined town with the zombie-panther and liche in tow, followed by three score of zombies and skeletons, and headed to where the Chesire Castle would be appearing the next night.

(OOC: I will continue this in a new thread in a couple of days, since I have to work tomorrow and have some stuff to do Friday. End OOC.)

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/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
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