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By Arasus on Monday, December 04, 2000 - 07:47 am:

Kaat'n Castle
November 20, 794 TSR

Kaat'n was quiet.

Well, quieter than it had been at least. Sage Advisor had flown away to try and recruit some more apprentices. Ley Druid had made the decision to find his way once again to the Library at Wrin, to try and gather more information about the mysterious book. While Sir Whiteblade "trained" the apprentices, five now, in the ways of the "warrior," I took it upon myself to organize the new guard contingent that he had seemingly forgotten about.

I managed to persuade a score or so of men (though some of them, I admit, were rather old, they still knew how to fight mind you) to take up positions as guards. Actually, there wasn't much persuasion to it; Kaat'n pays quite well.

I wish I could have found more guards, but most of the men were busy tending to the affiars of their families. Few were unburdened as such. These would do fine for the moment though, and they learned quickly enough.

I have to say it felt good, falling into old routines. The haze that I always seem to feel inside my head even cleared a bit. The air at the tops of the towers (I was going over watchpoints) was invigorating -- just windy enough. I think I've been spending too much time locked away in the dusty depths of this castle.

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