§hard is re-united with an old friend, and finds a new teacher

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: §hard is re-united with an old friend, and finds a new teacher

By §hard on Monday, December 04, 2000 - 09:07 pm:

-= November 30, 794 TR =-

§hard entered the bustling city right in the middle of the afternoon, when the marketplace was most busy. There were people everywhere, calling out their wares, bartering, and generally making noise as they went about their daily business. §hard tried to ask a few people for directions, but they were too busy with their own affairs to hear him or reply. Eventually he made it to a less busy part of town and found someone to give him directions.

"Excuse me, sir! May I have just one moment of your time? Thank you. I was wondering if you could tell me where someone is. I was told that there was a great swordmaster living here, and was wondering if you could tell me where he lives?" §hard asked.

The man replied, "Oh, yes, of course. He's an old military hero who retired here after his last big campaign, about ten years ago. His name is Tolarius. He lives in the large house at the end of Oakenleaf Avenue. Just go a little further down this street and you'll find it. Make a right at the intersection and you'll be there in ten minutes or so. Well, I have to go now." And the man rushed off. §hard thanked him and continued on like the man said, then turned at the intersection and headed down until he reached a large house.

He knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes before there was an answer. When the door opened, an old man of forty- or fifty-some years greeted him. "Hello, young man. What may I do for you?" he asked.

§hard replied, "Hello sir. Are you the swordmaster Tolarius I have heard about?"

To which the man laughed and replied, "I am indeed. Once again, what may I do for you, young warrior?"

"Well, Mr. Tolarius, sir, I came here seeking a teacher so that I might improve my swordsmanship. I recieved all the training I could in my home town, and had to leave my last trainer prematurely on important business, and now I need to continue my training. So I sought a skilled swordmaster, and heard that there was one in this town. And I hear that you are the one I am looking for. So I ask you, please train me so that I may perfect my sword technique and continue my quest." §hard asked.

Tolarius stood there, just thinking for a few minutes before answering. Then he said, "Alright, I shall train you. But you shall have to find lodging elsewhere in town, and you shall need to take some kind of job here to pay for your food and lodging. I shall also require a fee of twenty gold up front, and more at the end of the training, depending on just how much I must teach you."

§hard thanked him and payed him his initial fee, then departed to seek a job in town and to find some temporary lodging. After a few hours, he had managed to find work and suitable lodging for the next few weeks at least. Then he went out into the forest to go hunting for some dinner, since he would not start his new job until tommorrow and had no more money left in his satchel.


On a distant plane, the nearly-demigod-like planeshifter /\/\yste turned away from his scrying and faced the young man standing before him.

You may return to the mortal realm of Phaema now, and rejoin your old companion. But, as I have required of him, so shall I require of you a task that will prove your worth and prove that my effort to ressurect you was not wasted. I shall call upon you to perform this task when I so choose.

The young man asked, "But what shall I have to do? And when?"

You shall do what I tell you to, when I tell you to do it. It is that simple, mortal. It is not that important for you to know, yet. Now go, Aphiron, and continue your journeys with your friend §hard.

"Alright, I guess I will just have to wait then. But I am at least glad that I will see my friend again, and maybe my family..." Aphiron said.

Then /\/\yste waved his hand, and blue mists swirled before Aphiron, forming a shimmering portal. The young man stepped through the portal and disappeared.

And so my plan shall see fruition. Soon, I will be rid of my troublesome rival and his minions. Then I may continue my work and see the multiverse and Phaema shaped into the world I desire, and mine own destiny fulfilled.


§hard loosed a small lightning bolt from his sword at the deer, and it fell. He ran up to it and began to prepare it for his meal. Half an hour later the meat was almost cooked. Then §hard heard a strange noise, like distant thunder, and when he looked around, he saw a brief flash of blue light, and then nothing. He went over to investigate where the flash came from. There he found a man getting up off the ground and brushing himself off. The man stood up and the two looked at each other. There eyes were wide with surprise.

"A...A...Aph...Aphiron? Could that really be you? Or is it just an illusion...." §hard mumbled.

The young man smiled and said, "It is I, my friend! I have been given new life! Some strange being of mist and light ressurected me and sent me here so I could travel with you again! We can go see our families again too! Errrr...eh, just where are we anyway?"

§hard smiled and brought his old friend back to where he had the venison cooking and the two talked for hours after eating the meal. Then they returned to the town and did some chores for a few people to earn the money for Aphiron to get a room at an inn for the night. Then §hard went and talked with Tolarius and convinced him to teach Aphiron as well. He promised Aphiron would pay up as soon as he had worked up some money. Then §hard retired for the night, and Aphiron went to the inn and got himself a room. The next day they would begin their training.

(OOC: See my last post with /\/\ist Phantom for an explanation of why this post may be kinda poor. :) End OOC.)

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