Lunacy hath but one name, but its mistresses many...

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By Lunacy on Monday, December 11, 2000 - 12:15 am:

Dotted with sparkles, the battered shore is left to its majesty, to heal from the wounds inflicted on it. Shimmering, with the blood of soldiers, the shore pays the only evidence of a battle that took place. Villagers crying angrily at the God of the Ocean, eagerly rebuking his anger at them. Souls long lost, taken by that greedy ocean that eats mens souls.

The mist had not yet cleared when the battle took place. Thousands had fallen, and thousands more came from behind. Yet these thousands were yet fading illusions of the past taking form in the present, to take control of the future. Thousands of shimmering illusios poured upon the shore, as the ocean gave up its dead to the vile land. The living fought the dead, the dead fought the dead, the living fought the living to appease the appetite of the hated god of the Ocean. It was upon this shore that the dreams of humanity would be forged, and arise out of the shattered dreams of humanity. It was here that the battle was won, when the battle was lost. Thousands poured out their hearts, and poured out their souls, lying in an ocean of blood, because the greedy god of the Ocean could not be satisfied.

Mystical creatures had gathered to redeem themselves from the chains put on them long ago by this god of the ocean. The unicorn lent its healing horn, from the deserts of Shaharzad to the forests long forgotten. Dragons flew up and down, destroying the illusions, and giving light in darkness. Yet these creatures had suffered the same fate as the brave fighters, for the god of the Ocean could not be satisfied. Chained for eternity, the coast was stripped of its beauty, and the world was stripped of all water.

Deep below the depths lies the god of the Ocean, left alone and abandoned by all his children. Left to devise the ultimate destruction of land, so he can create his own environment, his own people, a people to respect, love and pray to him. For the humans of the land had long since killed the humans of the sea, and the creatures of the sea had long since cut their ties to the god of the Ocean. Now only the dead stand to pay homage to this fallen god, and even then there are not dead enough.

The god hath struck down against all who live not in the ocean, all who would deny him majesty, and seeks not to harm the land dwellers, but to ensure that they will not live on, and that the land will cease to exist. Upon this shore was the 1st and only battle to claim supremecy over land, and it was won by the God. Foretold as prophecy long ago, and written in the encrypted writings of the elven mages long ago, it had come true that the god hath locked the other gods in his temple, for now Phaema lies godless and abandoned, and all source of energy from these gods are gone, save one. And that one seeks to destroy humanity, but that task shall be as fruitless as destroying the will of a people on this shore.

For the story of this battle could be the key to unlock the temple of the gods.

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