/\/ecronis continues his quest for power....

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: /\/ecronis continues his quest for power....

By /\/ecronis on Monday, December 11, 2000 - 05:33 am:

-= December 12, 794 TR =-

It had been days since /\/ecronis left Chesire Castle to reach this place. It was far to the north, in the northernmost Dragonback Mountains. He had to tread carefully to go around the territory of KAAT'N, but he made it. He was at the Tower of Twilight, where the long-gone Klaw of Kurusk cult had conducted its most dire rites and expiriments. Here they had studied lycanthropy and learned to inflict it upon others, as well the secrets of vampirism. They had conducted their most foul rituals here to appease Kurusk's appetite for blood, and in return had recieved great power. /\/ecronis wished to recover some of their secrets and some of their power for himself.

/\/ecronis gazed up to the top of the tower, almost too high for human eyes to see. The tower was built upon the top of a mountain, and was made to reach as close to the stars and moon as possible. It was nearly midnight now. /\/ecronis would have to hurry. He entered the tower and began to climb the stairs. He ignored the rooms that he passed, going straight for the top floor. It took him half an hour to reach the top, so tall was the tower. Luckily he was undead or else he would've collapsed from all that running. He only had a little time left before the full moon. It would be nearly another year before another blue moon, and the ritual had to be conducted at midnight during a blue moon. /\/ecronis' plans couldn't wait another year. He hurriedly gathered the needed materials from the musty, dust- and cobweb-covered room. He pulled several large flasks from his backpack and spilled their contents over the altar in the center of the room. Blood flowed down into the center of the bowl-like top of the altar, draining down a small hole into a large bin inside the altar.
/\/ecronis, rushing, sprinkled some powder into a vial of liquid, corked it, shook it, and poured it into the altar. He poured several other vials of liquid into the altar and then sprinkled some silvery dust upon the altar's surface. Then he quickly cast a spell upon the altar to prepare it. It was just about time. /\/ecronis rushed over to one side of the room and hurriedly cranked the handle of a gear, and several mechanisms creaked as a hole in the roof opened up to the clear night sky. The moon was shining bright and full, just moving into the proper position. /\/ecronis began a low, guttural chant and began to move his hands in complex gestures. A moonlight glittered on the silver dust covering the altar, and a red glow oozed forth from the center until it filled the top of the altar. A beam of moonlight shot down from the heavens and struck the altar, encompassing it in its blue-silver glow. /\/ecronis' chant grew louder and more rapid, and magic charged the air like static electricity. A crack of thunder, and the moonbeam diminished and dissipated, the red glow flooding back into the altar's center, and the silver sparkling fading. Magic energies condensed above the altar into a blood-red humanoid form of pure energy, then condensing further and turning blacker and darker. Finally the humanoid form began to solidify and features became apparent. The dark, humanoid figure opened its glowing red eyes and glanced at the necromancer. It spoke.

Why dost thou summon Ven'rathil, Lord of Vampires, puny wizard?

"I have summoned thee to be mine slave, O Child of the Night! So you just float there like a good boy and make this easy on us both, alright? I wouldn't want to damage my new toy!"
/\/ecronis said with a demonic cackle. Then he glared at the vampire lord and unleashed a storm of black lightning upon it.

Ven'rathil grimaced and replied.

Why do you silly wizards always seem to think that you can just up and conquer any creature you want as your new pet? *sigh*

With that, the vampire lord unleashed a storm of red lightning to repel the necromancer's. The two's power collided, and the whole tower shook and rumbled with the massive energies being unleashed. The lightning crackled and surged, dissipating as it struck another bolt. Both continued to unleash repeated bolts at one another in a never-ending firestorm. Then they dropped their lightning attacks and assessed one another. 'I cannot believe this! I cannot get past his defenses! This is impossible! No one can resist my will! NO ONE!!!', thought /\/ecronis. 'Hmmm... This liche is strong, I will give him that much. But he has no idea what kind of force he has unleashed, and he shall fall as all do who challenge me.', thought Ven'rathil.

Then /\/ecronis charged the vampire lord, leaping at him and clawing at him with black, bone claws that sprung up where his fingernails had been. The vampire lord batted
/\/ecronis away with one arm, knocking the liche to the ground. Ven'rathil let out a laugh at the necromancer's futile attempt to harm him. /\/ecronis seethed with rage, and hurled a bolt of black energy at the vampire lord. Ven'rathil deflected it with a swipe of his arm, and
/\/ecronis launched another. And another. And another, and another, and yet more bolts of black power flew forth from /\/ecronis' hand at the vampire lord. Ven'rathil deflected them all. Then /\/ecronis gave out a bestial roar and leapt at Ven'rathil again, claws gone but replaced with a violet glow about the hands of the necromancer. Ven'rathil went to bat him aside again, but /\/ecronis' onyx eye flashed this time and unleashed a bolt of power that knocked the vampire's arm away. /\/ecronis latched onto the vampire lord's shoulders with his hands and sent black power surging into the creature, trying to enslave its will. Ven'rathil growled and clutched /\/ecronis' throat with both hands, squeezing hard. The two locked gazes. Ven'rathil's eyes burned red with power, and /\/ecronis' normal eye glowed violet. Then the necromancer's gemstone eye flashed and sparked, green lightning streaking forth from it and cascading down the vampire lord's body momentarily. Then red lightning surged through him and into /\/ecronis. Ven'rathil's grasp weakened, and the vampire lord began to float down to the ground, stricken with spasms of weakness. /\/ecronis placed both hands upon the sides of Ven'rathil's head and violet energy poured forth from his hands into the vampire lord's skull. Ven'rathil spasmed some more and then fell to the ground, panting and shuddering. /\/ecronis got up and glared down at the vampire.

"I told you I didn't want to damage my new toy, but you had to make things difficult..." chided the necromancer. Ven'rathil quaked with weakness and slowly stood.

Y...you may...may have bes.....bested me this night, liche....*shudder* But you w-will someday learn the foolishness.....of trying to control one such as myself. And then..then....y-you shall know your folly a-and rue the d-day you unleashed me upon this world....*shudder*

Then the vampire lord collapsed again, unconcious. /\/ecronis left the room then, deciding to spend his time doing something productive while he waited for the vampire lord to awaken once more, fully enslaved to his will and fully obediant. Inwardly he wondered just how long it would last, having learned today that his power was not infinite or omnipotent, and even it had its limits. He wouldn't be seeking these artifacts and minions if that weren't the case....


/\/ecronis rummaged through the other rooms, taking a few items of value here and there, a few tomes on the secrets of lycanthropy and vampirism, and miscellaneous items of power or significance. Then he returned to the uppermost room and waited for the vampire lord to awake. When Ven'rathil arose, he followed /\/ecronis obediantly and silently from the tower and back to Chesire Castle.

(OOC: I shall continue this thread monday, tuesday, or wednesday, depending on how busy I am those days. End OOC.)

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage
§hard, Sword Mage

By pimpstar on Wednesday, December 13, 2000 - 05:41 pm:

I think that Necronis is a sorry excuse for a lord. I could kill him anyday!!!

By Shadow (Shadow) on Thursday, December 14, 2000 - 02:13 am:

So, RP and try.

By /\/\ist Phantom on Sunday, December 17, 2000 - 05:13 am:

Go away loser. We don't want your kind here. If you want to rip on people or annoy others, go to the Rumor Mill. The guys over there'll get a good laugh out of it. But this mill is for ROLEPLAYING, not talking nonsense and annoying the denizens. Go now, shoo, go! Go back to your flame-filled chat rooms! Shoo!


By /\/ecronis on Sunday, December 17, 2000 - 06:58 am:

(OOC: Oh yeah, and I'm continuing this post now. It's a little late 'cuz I was busy earlier this week, more so than I had expected. Ah well. At least I managed to get in this post a little under a week after the last one. Hmmm.... End OOC.)

-= December 20, 794 TR =-

As /\/ecronis gazed upon the great, withered, grey pyramid before him, recollected on what had happened over the past week.....

(flashback to December 15, 794 TR)

/\/ecronis had ridden for days through the jungle before reaching the great field where, months ago, the denizens of Phaema fought against the minions of the First Evil. Here many soldiers and demonspawn had died, and been buried and cremated. /\/ecronis had sought to reanimate what corpses were buried here to rebuild some of his army. Unfortunately, he knew that many of soldiers and demons that had fought and died here had been either devoured by the demonspawn or burned to ashes by the soldiers, not wanting to foul the soil with the demons' vile blood. However, there were still plenty of corpses about in the soil here that hadn't been cremated, and /\/ecronis could use any additional minions he could get.

He closed his eyes and let his senses extend into the surrounding area. He could sense a few corpses just a little to the west, maybe a hundred yards. He walked over to the spot and invoked an animation spell. Several skeletal hands shot out from the ground and dragged out the rest of their skeletal bodies. There were five of them in all. /\/ecronis walked further to the west and cast another spell. Another eight skeletons rose up from the dirt. /\/ecronis then ordered the skeletons to dig up the corpses to the south, and they began their work. He raised a few dozen more skeletons, sending them to help the others. Then he moved on to where the skeletons had first been digging, and animated the corpses there. It was a little easier, quicker, and more mana efficient when the corpses were already unearthed and within plain sight, for the spell to take effect quickly. /\/ecronis went about raising the rest of the dead humans, dwarves, elves, and other humanoids who had fought in the skirmish here during the Black Monolith War. Then he sent his new minions marching back to Chesire Castle, since it would take them a while and he would need some time to perform the next task.

/\/ecronis pulled out several bags and flasks of magical reagents, powders, elixirs and other miscellaneous oddities, and began preparations for the next ritual. He poured one bag of powder around himself in a ten foor diameter circle, making various little patterns within the circle, ending in a small, two foot diameted circle in center where he was standing. The circle formed a pattern similar to the symbol of Kurusk. /\/ecronis then poured an elixir about the perimeter of the large circle, then sprinkled small amounts of another elixir about the circle. Next he performed some short rituals with the remaining reagents, causing light, fire, and lightning to flash and spark about the perimeter of the circle. Then he began the demon-raising ritual. It was a long, drawn out, guttural chant, and the waving of arms, the gestures of hands, and sparks and waves of power flowing from /\/ecronis over the field before him. After about an hour, the ritual finally ended, the chant slowing and fading to silence, the power flashing one last time and dissipating, and an uneasy quiet passed over the field. Then arms began to shoot up from the ground, strong, leathery, clawed arms, scraping at the dirt and digging themselves free of their graves. The demons arose, chittering and chattering amongst themselves in their own vile tongue. Then /\/eronis spoke, in a strong, commanding voice that belied the strain on his body and his soul from the ritual.

"You all are my slaves, demonspawn. Bonhurst is gone, and your ties to him are gone. You serve only me now, and I'll not tolerate resistance or defiance. Now bow before your new master, slaves."

The demons growled and hissed in return, many of them invoking foul magicks and launching fire and death and plague at the necromancer. /\/ecronis deflected the attacks with a magic stave, and then hissed in anger himself. He waved his arm, and from it flew bolts of black energy. Several demons fell to their knees in agony, others leapt back and away from harm. Then /\/ecronis unleashed his black power upon the demonspawn, and they all recoiled in terror and pain. They slowly succumbed to his will and his power, bowing one by one before their new master, as they were ordered. /\/ecronis ended his torrent of black lightning, and flashed a devilish smile.

"Good, I see we understand each other now. Don't forget this lesson. Next time I won't be content with merely wounding you, and you shall return to your eternal damnation and suffering in the abyss." he promised with a hard stare. Then he turned and left, heading back for Chesire Castles, his new demon thralls following behind.

(returning to the present)

Yes, it had been days ago that he had left the Castle and headed out for this place. Inside the pyramid was the tomb of a great, powerful mummy and its minions. The Klaw of Kurusk had been studying the history of the ancient empire from whence this pyramid was from, when they had been annihilated by the Guild. But /\/ecronis had read the research reports and knew the secrets that had been discovered about this place by the Klaw. And by dawn tomorrow, he would have the inhabitants of this place in his thrall. /\/ecronis walked up to the base of the pyramid and invoked the word of power that would open its entrance. The stone blocks melted away to form an archway leading in, and /\/ecronis entered. Then the blocks reformed and sealed the archway once more.

/\/ecronis wandered down the halls of the pyramid, glancing at the hieroglyphics here and there on the walls. He continued until he came upon the doorway he wanted. He touched a stone brick in the wall and heard a click as a panel of bricks retreated inward and slid to the side to form an opening. He entered the room and glanced about. There were crudely wrapped corpses everywhere, lined up on the floor. A few miscellaneous items and tools lay upon the floor as well, but otherwise the room was bare. /\/ecronis invoked a reanimation once again, and the corpses arose. He felt the power of the mummy in them, and battled it with his will. In a few moments he had overcome the mummy's hold over them and had them bowing before him. Then he left the room and went to explore a few more rooms. After a while he had filled his backpack with most of the items he had come for, and he was heading to the grand tomb of the mummy. After a short walk, he was there. Slits in the walls allowed moonlight to shine in upon the great room. There were treasures everywhere, great piles of coins, chests of gems, and small items made of rare metals. But none of it mattered to /\/ecronis. It was just trash. The mummy was the real prize. Money was of no use to the necromancer in his plans to rule over Phaema. So the liche went about the ritual of awakening the mummy in its sarcophagus.

After a couple of minutes, it was done. The lid of the sarcophagus slid off, and a figure wrapped in cloth and bearing a mask of brilliant gold, silver, gems, and other valuable materials arose. It was holding twin staves, one shaped like an ankh and another shaped like a small sheperd's crook. The mummy looked at /\/ecronis and spoke.

Dost thou seek thine death, mortal, to have awakened me?!?! Surely you must be mad, for no sane man would have aroused me from my long slumber if he had brains enough to read the warnings about my pyramid! Tell me why you have awakened my, O suicidal one, and mayhap I shall spare thine life.

/\/ecronis laughed at that, and said "Ohhh, well, I'm sorry, but your threat is rather pointless, as I am already dead! But I will surely send you to your eternal rest if you insult my intelligence again!" He sneered.

Ohh-hoh-oho-ho-ho!!! Is that a challenge, whelp?!? Surely it must be a jest, for I am a great sorcerer-king of vast and ancient power that your puny magicks cannot possibly match!

/\/ecronis simply replied, "Try me." And then he unleashed his black lightning upon the mummy, who fought it with magic of his own. The two traded barrages of power repeatedly before /\/ecronis said, "I tire of this. I think I'll just bind you now and end this little game. I want to be back at the Castle by tomorrow." And then he unleashed an even mightier barrage of violet lightning at the mummy, who was overwhelmed and collapsed. /\/ecronis waited for the mummy to awaken again, then told it its place in his army and how he wouldn't tolerate any more futile attempts at rebellion. Then /\/ecronis and the mummy left, the other new thralls of /\/ecronis following them to Chesire Castle.

(OOC: Sorry I don't have time now to make a better ending to this post, but I have to get going. I'll continue /\/ecronis' quest in another new topic or whatever, probably tomorrow or sometime tuesday, since I don't work that day. I will probably end /\/ecronis' quest then or a few days later. Sorry if my grammar or writing weren't very good in this post, I'm sleepy and my brains already half asleep. :) I need to catch up with it and go to bed. End OOC.)

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage
§hard, Sword Mage

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