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By Ravyson on Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 06:56 am:

It sounds like there's room for a new storyline. Well, since I've only started a few myself, it seems that it's a good idea. Let's go! Now to think what it's about... After this point, it's all in character.

"Light the village." With a simple order, calmly given, an entire town was sentenced to death. Three words had assured the lives of two hundred and fifty people would end. The man who had that much power merely smirked at the turn of events. The population had not sworn alliegance to him. Now they were dead, and wouldn't pledge their alliegence elsewhere.

Reji'nik, the ruler of the Refvin Clan, a barbarian tribe that lived to the north of Dantimos, merely smiled. He would send his clansmen to destroy the town, and that was the end of the matter. This was the third such place to not cede to his power, and it upset him. How was he to gain enough support to overtake the stronger Dantimos in the south? His clan had much power, but until they took all the towns on the northern fronteir, the chances of their defeating the powerful nation was very low.

Dantimos was in political turmoil. With the mage aristocracy crumbling, this was the perfect time to attack. There were also rumors of an invasion by the Kobolds to the south. The Refvinian force would sweep downwards and destroy the nation of Dantimos.

Reji'nik was interrupted from his plans when one of his clansmen entered. It was Lenishin, his trusted ally and a powerful warrior. "Great lord, the townspeople have armed themselves and look ready to battle. Do you wish to send the troops in?"

Rising to his full height of a towering six feet and nine inches, Reji'nik took his battle-axe from its resting place. "They think that they have any chance to defeat me?"

"No, great lord, but I think they are trying to make a point that they will not go down fighting."

"Does it really matter if they fight or not? The end result is still the same. Ready five hundred of our strongest warriors. Have them at the town in two hours."

Two long hours later, the five hundred barbarian warriors stood across a field from about one hundred fifty farmers, armed with things as little as pitchforks and shovels. Reji'nik sent Lenishin forth to ask for a surrender and the town's allegience.

Walking to a man standing in the middle of the field, the warrior presented his terms. "You have two choices. The first is to die. The second is to give up, give us your loyalty, and live. It is up to you." The man, a crazed look in his eyes, pulled back his sword. The rusty weapon was one of very few in the group. He lunged at Lenishin, who easily dodged it and sent a blow of his own sword into the face of the farmer. The blood spilled onto the ground, the battle had no choice but to begin.

Reji'nik led his fellow clansmen towards the small force of inept farmers. They were bred for battle, and the most powerful warriors possible. The most powerful was their leader, who reached the peasant army first. With the swings of his great axe, he spread the blood of his enemies across the field. His army was right behind him, and the battle quickly turned into a massacre.

The killing soon stopped. The barbarians looked around, there was no one left to kill. The entire defending army had been decimated with very few injuries or deaths for the Rufvins. Reji'nik, covered in blood, pointed at the town in the distance. "Kill those that remain. Do not set fire to the town, let it be seen by all."

The man walked back to his horse as the bloodthirsty army set forth to destroy the town. Lenishin was waiting for him as he mounted his horse. "Was that a wise move, sir? Dantimos is not aware of us yet, and this will give them some knowledge of our intentions."

"We have to make an example out of someone, don't we? Don't worry, the rest will come soon."

OOC: Okie, so I'm planning an invasion of Dantimos. Works out, since I'm planning to send Ravyson and Reeven back with Torlax, and hopefully Jerreck and Shara will come too. I therefore dub this the Barbarian Invastion Storyline. And if anyone says that these guys are too smart to be barbarians, you're probably right. They're more loosly settled clans than anything, and are more advanced than a lot of people would think.

By Cylthyn on Friday, December 22, 2000 - 07:37 am:

"Reji'nik," the cloaked mage was immediately aware of the barbarian's present within his tent. He sat, with his back turned, intently perusing the book on his desk. "Reji'nik, I know what you're worried about, but I know these lands. I told you what was likely to happen in those last villages, and I'm telling you that the next one will be different. The next town has a slightly more, eh, 'affluent' population. They think that they have more to live for, but really they have nothing worth dying for. They will surrender. You should be able to make decent use of them as well, so long as you can maintain utter control over them. They're the most backstabbing lot around here, you see. Now then, did you bring me what I asked?" Reji'nik tossed the cold lumps of flesh he had removed from the townsman toward the mage, who reached back with his right hand, caught them, and hid them away in one of the many pockets of his robe. Still reading intently, he said "And do try to get some sleep Reji'nik, you look horrid."

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