Formal Apology, please Read

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Formal Apology, please Read

By Feldon's Tutor on Thursday, December 28, 2000 - 03:22 am:

i did have articles and i did want to help the site, but due to my current lack of interest in the game in the last year, and the slow decline of the integrity of the name Beyond Dominia, i decided not to take part in it. i apologize for all the harsh and idiotic statements i have posted in the past but the underlying truth is that im right. I do believe that my view on this is a bit skewed due to both the a and b variables i mentioned above, because one inevitbaly influences the other. I would love to once again play this game and have some fun doing it....but those days are long gone for me, and growing shorter for all the rest of you. Not because of the dreaded "end of magic" that people have been proclaiming since the first days of when i began playing and visiting this site but because of the increase of age of the people that visit here and the many other influences on their lives. I do believe this site needs to be advertised alot more if it is a long term status you are searching for. anyways...if anyone reach to this point congrats....perhaps if you can prove me wrong enough on this i may be able to re kindle that fire i once had for this game...until then try to not believe this, it will only make your gaming pleasure less apologies to all of you.
Feldon's Tutor

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