/\/ecronis completes his quest for power and makes final preparations....

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: /\/ecronis completes his quest for power and makes final preparations....

By /\/ecronis on Friday, December 29, 2000 - 10:06 pm:

-=December 10, 794 TR =-

/\/ecronis finally arrived at the last destination of journey. Today he would complete his army and march them to Chesire Castle to make preparations for war. He was at the High Temple of the Klaw, where the cult conducted its experiments with lycanthropy. He walked up to the massive double-doors and pushed them open with his enhanced undead strength. He entered the Temple and proceeded down the main hall to the Chamber of Ceremonies at the end, where the most valuable treasures of the Temple would be.

He pulled open the stone door and entered the Chamber. It was a circular room with many large claw-shaped pillars around the circumferance of the room. There was a large, round altar in the center of the room, and along the walls were many small shelves with books and other miscellaneous items on them. /\/ecronis browsed through some of the books, then went to the center of the room, before the altar. He began to chant a low, deep, bass-toned incantation. Blue, red, and violet light glimmered upon the altar and each of the pillars. A sound like growling came forth from each of the pillars, and blue light etched door-like patterns on them. Then stone plates ground forward from each pillar, then to the side as the doorways opened. Blue, red, and violet light shone from each pillar-doorway, then slowly faded as the growling noise became louder and the chant died away. Large, bestial, humanoid forms lurched forth from each pillar, glancing around at its surroundings, at its fellows, then at the necromancer.

There were a dozen of them, large man-creatures with the stance and limbs of men, blended with the bestial qualities of various animals. Each of the lycanthropic creatures was unique, and was all but trapped in a form halfway between human and animal. Each one growled, hissed, or screeched its challenge to the necromancer. Then a thirteenth pillar opened up, blue-white light shining forth from it momentarily. Then the light faded and out stepped the largest and fiercist looking of them all, a giant man-wolf with dark gray fur. It growled out something to its fellows, then walked up to the necromancer. The two glared into each other's eyes for a long, silent moment. Then the werewolf spoke.

What have you come for, little sorcerer? Me and my kin have slept in this place for decades, awaiting our masters to awaken us and unleash us upon the world as the harbingers of Kurusk's ascension and rule over the multiverse. But I do not sense our masters or the Clawed One's presence, so I must presume that you have awakened us early to try and conquer us so we may do your bidding. Well know this, wizard, we serve none but Kurusk, and your sorcery cannot conquer us and enslave us. So I demand you to return us to our slumber and then leave this place, for we will not be pleased if we are disturbed again before the proper time of the Awakening and Kurusk's ascension. You have one minute to re-instate the stasis and leave this place, before I devour you and do it myself!

/\/ecronis smirked and stifled a laugh. "Foolish dog. You do not sense your masters because they are long-dead. The Guild waged war with and annihilated the Klaws of Kurusk decades ago. I am one of the sole survivors, and I intend to bring about Kurusk's long-overdue ascension, regardless of the death of most of his followers. That is why I have sought you out, so that I may have your help in bringing Phaema to its knees and providing the power Kurusk needs to ascend. The time of the ascension is drawing near, and I need all the help I can get to bring it about. Though the Guild is long gone, there are still others who oppose Kurusk's will and wish to prevent his ascension. Without the cult to exterminate these pests, there is a chance that they may amass and succeed in preventing Kurusk's ascension. That is why I have assembled my own army, to wipe out or at least suppress these threats to Kurusk's ascension, and bring about the Dark Genesis of Kurusk's prophecy. For that, I shall need your help. You were among the cult's greatest creations, and I know that you can do much to help me succeed in bringing about the ascension of the Clawed One. So, what do you say...?" the necromancer asked.

You proposition intrigues me, sorcerer.... If what you say is true, then this may be the last chance for Kurusk's ascension, and our last chance to prove ourselves to the Clawed One as his greatest warriors.... I accept. But if you lie, then you shall suffer a long, agonizing death, and great Kurusk will show you what true pain is in the netherworld. For now, you may call me Fenris. Until you have proven your worth to me and to Kurusk, you shall not know my true name. Let us go now that our business here is concluded, and I wish to bring about the Dark Genesis as soon as possible. I will not tolerate any tarrying. We shall go now.

With that, the great werewolf and his kin left the building, following /\/ecronis back to Chesire Castle.

(OOC: I don't have time to finish this now, but I'll continue this later. End OOC.)

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage
§hard, Sword Mage

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