The Library in Wrin

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By Shadow (Shadow) on Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 08:20 am:

The Library in Wrin
November 21, 794 TSR

Ley Druid shut and locked the door to his reading room. He put down the books he'd pulled from the shelves, lit the candelabra on the table, and settled into his seat.

Wrin was an odd little town. It's history was very jumbled, it had conflicting records and missing periods. Ley felt that it probably had much to do with The Conversion. Still, there was something distinctly odd about Wrin. Ley wondered if it wasn't mentioned in prophecy.

He sighed, and dropped the notion. He had other things to worry about for the moment. Namely, the books in front of him:

He Pèrðs lithanöpa è lecul
Häs Aliculnálepèrðs
Häs Aculepèredak
Häs Däkadanadak
Häs Cuidenále Etope
Ehg Sänquadin vèv Nindègoru
Quejinsavèndapèrðs (Several volumes)

There were several more, but those were some of the ones with more interesting covers. He had identified the language as Ancient Shaharazadian, a dead language. It was apparently known by few, even among the scholarly. Fortunately, for an otherwise small town, Wrin had an amazing library -- one of the more notable things that made it so odd. The library included, of course, several books on the history and translation of Ancient Shaharazadian.

Ley had a great deal of study ahead of him. He decided that an attempt at acquiring a proficiency with the language would save him time in the end.

Hours drift past

Ancient Shaharazadian was a very curious language. Apparently, it was never a spoken tongue; it was only used for writing. Also, words didn't always mean the same thing. The meanings changed drastically with the context. Drastically. It also seemed that there was a prophet, of all things, many eons ago who wrote his prophecies in Ancient Shaharazadian. Ley suspected that some of those prophecies were in this library and probably in the books on his table.

He had managed to translate the title of the first book, just to keep things interesting. It read "The Operation and Care of Xidani." 'Xidani' didn't seem to translate very well; the best that Ley could determine, and he was by no means sure it was correct, was 'mana stones.'

Ley sighed. He had some long nights ahead of him. Fortunately, he had coffee.

By Shadow (Shadow) on Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 08:35 am:

Ahh, btw, I have some map locations, for those who care.

The Prosanim Mountains: This is the chain of mountains just east of the White Sea that goes from the southern end of the Azhul valley to the northern end of Shaharazad Forest. Farther north, they become the Lower Dragonbacks, though there is a seperation (a thinning, really) a little west of Whayn Fharh.

Prosdomin: Prosdomin is a relatively small town (not a hamlet, just small). It is located north of the Prosanim Mountains, where the D'ner River divides an unamed Forest.

Wrin: Wrin is Northwest of Whayn-Fharh, where the forest mentioned above ends and the thin spot between the Prosanim mountains and the Lower Dragonbacks begins.

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