§hard and Aphiron finish their training, and take a little trip....

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: §hard and Aphiron finish their training, and take a little trip....

By §hard on Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 07:13 pm:

As dawn broke over the town, §hard and Aphiron left their rooms at the inn and went to the tavern downstairs for some breakfast. After finishing their meal, they left the inn and walked to the home of Master Tolarius for their daily training session. The old soldier ushered them into his house and told them to sit down. The two looked quizically at him, but complied. Once they sat down Tolarius began to speak.
"Good morning, both of you. I have been doing some thinking over the past few days and I decided to skip today's training session and talk to you instead. I believe I have taught you just about everything I know about the art of swordfighting, and I think it's about time that you leave this town and continue the quest you told me about. You have been here over a month and have learned just about everything I have to teach, and I'm sure that your quest can't wait forever, and a month of tarrying here may have set you back or something, so I think you should depart now and finish it.... I cannot explain why, but I simply feel it in my bones. So I suggest that you leave soon and finish whatever it is you had sought out to do before coming here."

§hard raised an eyebrow at this, then spoke. "Yes, I understand master. I have had this overwhelming sense of dread and urgency within me these past few days, and I too think that it is time to go. I appreciate how you've helped us and trained us, Master Tolarius, and I shall visit you again after I have completed my quest. Goodbye."

§hard and Aphiron got up to leave, and Aphiron thanked the old soldier again and said goodbye. Then the two left the house and set out to the marketplace to pick up a few supplies for the road.


A few hours later the two finished getting supplies and finishing their service to the people that had employed them for the past month, and they set out on the road. §hard thought some on his plans for dealing with /\/ecronis and how to find the necromancer. Then he made up his mind and asked Aphiron. "My friend, I have been pondering how to find and defeat /\/ecronis since I've lost his trail, and I believe I know a way to find him and to improve our skills a little. I think we should head back to Deepshadow Forest and speak with old Xanthos again. He may be able to help us. What do you think?"

The young man looked at his friend and thought for a moment. "Alright," he said, "I'll go with you. I'm not sure how the old treefolk can help, but there's always a chance, and I trust you. You know him a little better than I do, so if you think he can help, then he probably can. Let's go."

And the two set out on the long road back to Deepshadow and the old treefolk living there...

(OOC: This post may sound kinda stupid, but I just figured that I should post something with my characters today. I'll continue this post/thread/whatever in a day or two probably, maybe three. BTW, does anyone know what to call a single treefolk? A treeman? A treeperson? A treeguy? :) Ah well. End OOC.)

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~
§hard, Sword Mage
/\/ecronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage

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