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Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Training & Battles

By Ravyson on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 01:30 am:

December 3, 794 TR

The afternoon sun baked down on the working soldiers. Their new commander, Ravyson, was floating overhead them, displaying his ability to fly. Ever since his return from the plane of fire, he had been working his newly-appointed soldiers to train them into the best force he could. Since soldiers were at much more availibilty than archers, he was the commander of 1,000 men, as opposed to Reeven's 500 archers.

His blue cape swept with the wind. His hair was now cut, and he was in his full gear. "Come on. You must be swift as the coursing rain. Have the force of a great typhoon. Have the strength of a raging fire!" (OOC: Mulan. Don't ask.) Ravyson watched as his troops moved in unison. "You will be the best-trained force in the Dantimos army. The first line of defense. No one will best you!"

Ravyson touched to the ground. "Prepare for battle. I want you to each choose a partner. One on one. I liked Reeven's idea of a tournament. We will also have one, with the same rewards." The troops took their wooden swords out. Ravyson floated up to watch. This would take a long time. "Being hit removes you from the competition."

Several rounds later, there were only 250 soldiers left. One-on-one would not work anymore. Five groups of five were organized. Each group would have a free-for-all, and the winner of each would come to be auxilary commanders. And so the fighting commenced.

Time passed again. It was now evening. The five had been chosen. Each was given two hundred to command. Ravyson smiled. This was going well.

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