He Pèrðs lithanöpa è lecul

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By Shadow (Shadow) on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 07:11 am:

A room in the Wrin Library
November 27, 794 TSR

After six days of literally constant study, Ley had a decent grasp of Ancient Shaharazadian, and he had taken a brief respite to let it all sink in. Now he was awake and quite eager to start on the mound of tomes upon his table.

He opened the first page of He Pèrðs lithanöpa è lecul and began to read.

WARNING: The Xidani are not magical "toys." They are purpose-sensitive. Do not even consider making use of them unless you are given the vocation.

The Xidani were originally created by the Náleclan. Their purpose is to facilitate the remaking, by providing an extraexistential source to hold being together until the remaking is complete and to carry out the remaining necessary functions of the remaking when the primary source has been unmade.

There followed what seemed to be instructions on the use of the "Xidani," but something caught Ley's eye as he scanned ahead a bit. There was some odd-looking text. The candlelight reflected very oddly on it; it was difficult to explain. The text seemed to shift a bit, almost like the words there written might change at any moment. Ley Druid squinted his eyes, focusing on the text:

Current locators of the Xidani:

Xinpara -- comfort
Xintul -- comfort
Xinmaere -- attitude
Xinsheyr-- secret
Xinxdel -- study

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