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By Jerreck on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 01:43 pm:

OOC: Since i missed the long awaited conclusion of the RBS,
i'll take the liberty of bringing back that magical moment
when the remainders of the group stands before king Rolshin.


Torchlight from the stone walls flickered and bathed Jerreck's
stony face in a red glow as he listened to the king's speech,
and the requests of his fellows. He had let the court barber
groom his hair and shave his chin prior to the audience with the
blessed king, but the many scars that covered his skin could
never be hidden. For the occation, Jerreck had been given a fine
black and silver suit to match his raven black shoulder long hair.

Finally, Rolshin turned towards him with searching eyes and a
slight hint of a smile on his lips.

"...and then we have you, Jerreck. I have been informed that you
took command of the expedition after Jecroth was so regrettably
killed. Is this correct?"

Jerreck took a step forward as he adressed the king.

"Not truly, sir. Jecroth laid the responsibility of the group not on
my shoulders alone, but also on those of the angel Cain, and the
knight Sir Hespus. Also, in the end Ravyson here stepped forward
as did young Liander here. Once we reached them, Torlax and his
wolfriders helped in the final battle. It was a team effort, and I
was just a small part of it."

Rolshin leaned back in his throne, regarding this strange man. It
had not gone unnoticed that Jerreck had not used any sort of formal
titles, even when addressing king Rolshin. The king scratched his
chin as he pondered for a few seconds.

"I understand you are not from these lands?"

"You are correctly informed, sir", Jerreck answered.

An aged, formal looking man in long robes leaned over and whispered
something into the king's ear.

"This... Barsaive, then... is it the common way to not use titles
there? Not even before your king?"

The hint of a smile played across Jerreck's lips.

"It is. But until i have sworn allegiance to you, sir, i can not see
any reason as to why i should call you my king. As far as i am concerned
you are the son of my friends; king Farikhen and queen Sovalis."

A worried murmur went through the audience in the hall. King Rolshin,
though, saw the glint in Jerreck's eyes and quickly calmed his subjects
with a wave of his hand.

"That is good, Jerreck. Often enough people simply learn to speak in
a certain way, without thinking of the meaning of their words. Perhaps
we have something to learn from your culture."

Jerreck said nothing to this. He didn't feel entirely comfortable with
the eyes of countless nobles and ladies on him. He nodded at the king.

Rolshin clasped his hands together and leaned forward. "Either way, a
reward is due, and you shall not go unrecognized from this, Jerreck.
Name your wish and I shall do all in my power to make it happen!"

Jerreck stood quiet for a while.

"I never really thought that far. Hmm, reward...? Perhaps a little hut
somewhere, where i can be left alone? Somewhere for me to bury my weapon.
That would be reward enough."

Rolshin looked taken aback.

By Liander on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 02:05 pm:

It was Liander's turn to step forward, and if he hadn't noticed
it before, he felt it, as Beliana's nudged him to step forward.

Rolshin eyed the young man and smiled.

"Ah, the hero from Serdham, yes?"

Liander found the stone paved floor extremely interesting as he
struggled to find words good enough to fit as a reply for the high

"Ah, well, my king, some people might think so", he finally managed.

Rolshin nodded sagely. He was a young king, but still had a couple
of years on this young mageling.

"My sources tell me you risked your life as you entered a deadly
pool of molten lava to battle the fleeing fire demon. A bold act,
indeed, Liander. Some might even call it... heroic?"

An amused mumbling rustled through the assembly and respectful nods
were directed at Liander.

"So then, Liander of Serdham. Name your prize and you shall have it."

Liander had been giving some thoughts on this, mostly because Beliana
had brought it up. She had insisted that he should ask for some
position that would bring him closer to the Red Bastion, and that of
course she would love to accompany him there. He sensed something in
her eagerness about it, but he was also very much in love with her and
found it hard to resist the woman's words.

"Ah.. umm, yes. Well, my king. I understand you have already sent a
group to control the device that we call the 'Red Bastion'. I would
find it.. very interesting if i could perhaps be a part of this group?
I feel that by studying it, we can learn much of the nature of perhaps
all the Bastions and the mana the eminate from them."

By Ravyson on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 06:21 pm:

OOC: Technically, this is a retroactive post, but since I'm not changing the course of action, it's more of a flashback.

Ravyson whispered to Jerreck. "Jerr, are you sure that you're ready to give this up? Your skills at battling are incredible. With Reeven and myself joining the army, it would be fantastic if you would come with us. Lend your skills to us. With Dantimos weak after the Black Monolith War, you would be very much appreciated."

Jerreck smiled at his friend. "I've been a warrior for some time now. There is a time to stop battling, and it comes for each of us."

"Yes, but is your time now? You were the first person that I met on this land, and we have fought together since. Your death affected us all, and your giving up the fight will have the same effect. You are a natural leader. If something else threatens things, you will be looked unto for guidance and leadership. Jerr, do you see what I'm saying?"

By King Rolshin on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 - 09:27 pm:

King Rolshin pondered the man before him. Jerreck was not the first gifted warrior who had requested the opportunity to throw down his sword. To choose it over anything else when everything was offered to him was a measure of the man's conviction.

"I can grant that request, Jerreck, and more. If you wish it, you can have a home built for you in any of our five nations, or in Bada'espi, where your heroism is as well known as it is in Dantimos. My parents would be as pleased as I am to grant this to such a hero as yourself. Perhaps you would also like a tract of land, for farming? Many great warriors from our army requested the same on their return from the Black Monolith War."

The king leaned forward almost imperceptibly in his chair. "But several of those same warriors have already returned. The life of a soldier is not easily given up, nor is the life of an adventurer. There is no better example here than Prince Torlax, who could live out his life in comfort at Stoneshield, but instead still quests in service to the kingdom."

The king leaned back again, though to the untrained eye he did not move at all. "I shall grant you your request, but an offer goes with it. You are one of the finest warriors in all the world, and one of the strongest leaders. If you find that the life of a citizen grows weary on you, then do not hesitate to return here. Your skills will always be welcomed by Dantimos."

By Jerreck on Wednesday, January 03, 2001 - 10:19 am:

Nodding his thanks to Rolshin, Jerreck spoke softly. "I am
grateful, king. I do not seek to hold any lands or grand manor,
just a small strip for me to grow my own food. The house I
can build myself."

He smiled for the first time. Rolshin thought he could see
something that reminded of relief in the eyes of the warrior.
Jerreck hesitated, as if feeling that he should say something.

"As you say, there comes a time in each warrior's life when
it's time to stand down and reflect. I can't deny that I miss
my homeland, but I think I can come to terms with this place.
Let me grow the soil. Let me feel it between my fingers, and
let me feel I belong here. Then, maybe one day I will be able
to call it home."


Later that day, Ravyson visited Jerreck in his castle guest
chamber, and the two sat down to talk.

"I've been given command of a thousand soldiers.. can't you
see? I mean by all that is sacred, you could be made a general
for all I know! Why do you waste away your skill and life like

Jerreck shook his head.

"I must repair my soul. It feels like my pattern was... torn up
with roots and all, and thrown to the ground here in this land.
Let me try to find myself, and try to love this land. When the
time comes, perhaps I can swear allegiance to your king Rolshin
and serve this Dantimos like a... citizen."

"Well, if this is what you want, Jerreck. Maybe I can come up
and help you out working on that cabin if I ever get some time

"You would be welcome, Ravyson."

The two friends gripped hands.

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