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By Jerreck on Thursday, January 04, 2001 - 02:00 pm:

January 4, 795

Reji'nik enjoyed the last few rays of the setting sun. The
night would not be completely dark however, as the numerous
campfires of their camp would light up the night sky. A sound
behind him made the leader spin around, pulled out of one
of the few relaxing moments he had had lately.

Lenishin negotiated the undergrowth of the slope leading up
to the ridge where the leader stood observing the sun setting
in the western mountains.

"A quiet moment, sir. A rare and precious thing these days."

Reji'nik frowned.

"Enjoy it, Lenishin. It will be the last before we unleash the
storm over Dantimos. Cut the men some slack tonight."

Lenishin nodded. The two men fell silent as they felt the
last, red rays of the sun caress their rough cheeks and
foreheads. The night was upon them, and the first stars was
blinking high above them in the winter sky. As his second in
command prepared to leave, Reji'nik spoke.

"Have the scouts reported in yet?"

"Yes, sir. There's a cabin a few miles up in the hills there."

He pointed with his whole hand towards the hills in their

"It's inhabited, but we haven't made contact yet."

Reji'nik nodded slowly as he listened.

"I want you to go there and talk to this... warrior. Take
five men and go tonight. If he didn't lift a finger to help
Minconium, chances are he will join our cause should the
rewards be good enough."

Lenishin nodded briefly and left without another word. A few
moments later, he had given orders for the night, as well as
gathered five men he trusted to accompany him to the cabin.


Jerreck had laid out a simple rug on his floor, and sat in quiet
contemplation on it. He had decided not to unearth his
armor and weapon. He had only had three months of quiet peace,
and he had just recently been able to focus his mind on his karma
rituals and his careful but curious expeditions into his own true

Oblivious to the howling wind outside, and the constant blowing
and rustling in the pipes and sticks on the windpole, Jerreck was
somewhere else. Astral welcomed and warmed his naked form as it
drifted deeper into the illuminious world.

It had changed.

His pattern had changed. There was nothing strange or unusual
with this. Even as a young boy, Jerreck had learned from his uncle
that people's patterns were living things that changed with life.
The body and mind that could normally be seen was just a reflection
of this.

Since he had been able to peek into the astral reality, Jerreck
had percieved his pattern as a round shield, with a millenia of
threads reaching inwards from the edges, shaping words and symbols
of events and feelings that had affected his life.

What was new was all the references to this new land that he lived
in. Places, people, feelings he had harbored but not let out. And
there was Icewing's distinct, uneradicatable mark on him. But that
had changed too. Before, that mark had been like the mark an owner
burns into his cattle. Now it was more of a reference. A part of
his life.

Had it weakened?

His question was abrubtly interrupted by a loud knock on the door.
Jerreck deftly got up on his feet, unbarred the door, and opened it.
Outside stood a group of large men, each about the same size as
Jerreck. Carrying spears and axes, but not wearing anything expensive
besides that, Jerreck guessed them to be hillsmen. One of them
seemed to carry himself with what Jerreck assumed to be authority.


The man Jerreck had assumed to be leader, stepped forward.

"Greetings. I assume you are Jerreck?"

"Who asks?"

"I am Lenishin. These are some of my men." A gust of wind caught
Lenishin's furs and he had to hold them in. "May i come in? The men
will wait outside."

Jerreck nodded, and stood away from the opening to let the large man
inside. He closed and barred the door once the stranger was inside. He
turned to face the man.

"Sit down, and tell me what you want."

Smiling, Lenishin sat down in a wooden chair, warming his hands
against the fire in the hearth. "Thank you."

Jerreck remained silent.

"Ah.. yes.. what do i want? Well, I hear you are some sort of warrior
hero, and to put it plain and simple; i'm here to recruit you."

"Recruit me? Interesting. Go on."

"There is no way you can have missed what happened to the town down
in the valley. The proud tribes are finally striking at the festering
wound that is Dantimos, and we have just begun! Our leader is pleased
that you have not stood against us, and as a sign of our benevolence
wants you to join our ranks. Loot and women in abundance, my friend."

Lenishin leaned back in his chair, looking happy with the situation
and with himself. Jerreck placed another piece of wood into the hearth.
Lenishin followed his every move, noting how the man moved and carried
himself. When he was content with the fire, Jerreck fixed Lenishin with
dark eyes.

"Are you finished?"

Lenishin shrugged. "Yes."

"Good. Then leave my house and don't ever come back. Tell your leader
that I will not join your band."

By Ravyson on Thursday, January 04, 2001 - 11:30 pm:

Lenishin stood up from his place near the fire. "You do realize that by not joining us, you choose to stand against us?"

"I don't want to have any part of this conflict. I have lain down my weapons and shield. No longer will I fight. I enjoy my new life of peace. Your offer insults me. Now get out of my house so I may return to my thoughts."

Lenishin leaned towards Jerreck. "Try to take the peaceful way. You will be in this by the end. One way or another, but we will remain victorious. Choose to help us, and you would help yourself much more."

Jerreck motioned to the door. "I see. Out." As Lenishin walked out, something hit Jerreck. "Wait. Victorious over who?"


"Wait, come back in. I want to hear more about this."

OOC: Be interested in joining the barbarians, pump Lenishin for information, join them as a Trojan horse, it's really your call.

By Jerreck on Friday, January 05, 2001 - 10:00 am:

OOC: Hmm... i thought Jerreck already knew Dantimos was the target (Lenishin tells him in his proposal). Oh well. :)

"There's not much more to tell, warrior", Lenishin smirked. "Dantimos will pay for its expansionalism, and we are just the hammer in the hands of nature."

"And you believe you are strong enough for the Dantimosian army?"

Lenishin smiled. "Well, where have you been the last year? After the Black Monolith war, there's not much left of their army. We'll crush them like a bug under the heel of a giant."

"How... descriptive. Tell me, what do you intend to do with all this land then?"

"That is for our leader, Reji'nik to decide. Perhaps he will replace that weak king.. Roland."

"It's Rolshin."

"Yeah, whatever."

Jerreck could feel something inside tugging at him. Perhaps there was work for him to do after all.

"What did you to the people of Minconium?"

"We made them realize that opposing us was not a good idea." He put on a expression of pity, "Oh, and perhaps they thought you would come to their help... my oh my."

He stared hard at Jerreck. "You know, the way i figure it, Dantimos propably wouldn't take your help anymore. You let them down, and your only choice now is to follow that road. You know it. Join us."

Jerreck stared back, "We'll see. Now leave me."

By Jerreck on Friday, January 05, 2001 - 12:57 pm:

The village of Minconium lay in ruins. The largest buildings
had been put to the torch, and many men had been staked on
poles along the main road. Here and there among the broken
smoldering houses, crows feasted on the remains of others.

A lone rider on a black horse trottled down the main street,
surveying the scene. He wore a full plate armor, slightly
blackened from all the smoke. At his side hung a round shield,
and on the other side a wicked looking spiked ball on a chain.

When the rider got to the far end of the village, he spurred
his horse up to full speed, and disappeared into the misty
landscape, heading east.

By Ravyson on Friday, January 05, 2001 - 10:48 pm:

Good point. Oops, I didn't remember that he had explicitly named Dantimos as the target.

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